3s Results - Cal Poly Pomona - 4-26-08

Looks like everyone has forgotten about 3s with all the marvel drama. Anyways here are the results:

  1. Pyrolee (YU)
  2. Ken I (MA)
  3. Arnel (UR)
  4. gootecks (UR)
  5. Kai (CH)
  6. Combofiend (OR)
  7. Reset (KE/CH)
  8. Mt. Sac Kid (KE)

Good turnout, thank you to the Games Room staff for having us! :lovin:

GGs…the marvel incident scared me

ggs indeed. Wish i woulda stayed longer to witness that drama.

good games yesterday

Good shit yesterday, tourny ran nice and smooth.

GG’s to everyone i played. It was a 6 hour drive for me but i’m glad i made it. It was great meeting all you guys. Mad thanks to all of you who didn’t make me feel like an outsider, you guys were awesome (ryan, Pyro, JR, combofiend, Kai, Lenin, Sanchez, jeremy). And i’m Glad i got to me some more of the vegas crew. I hope you guys had a safe trip home. I was sad i didn’t get to see any of the peeps i met at devastaion (Watson, Renic, Ghetto D) but, o well. Hope to see you all again soon.

O and a special thanks to pyrolee for taking the time out to talk to me and teach me a few things. Ive got a lot of things to work on but rest assured, i will practice. Thanks again, pyro. :tup:

good shit arnel!

arnel you are a beast. as always.

Kai, are you still winded?

GG’s. Nice meeting you Said.

is amir retired??

good shit guys

Boy was i winded

he’s not playing until a little before SBO quals.

i fucking love Pyrolee.

anyway, can someone please PM me the link to the marvel drama thread if there is one?

edit i meant an actual thread with more details. Not the results to the marvel tournaent. Us Canadians dont have video game drama but i like it.

PM me for details


Andy said “Dat Sentinel is a bitch!” Dp heard “Dat!” and “Bitch!” in the same sentence and I guess that’s all he needed to hear. Along with the disappointment of having lost such a hype match, and hearing bitch and his name in the same sentence, he got a bit overzealous and called him out. Dude didn’t want to, kept saying, its just a game, or something to that degree and then the Ultimatum came. " You either go outside and we fight out there, or I’ll fight you right here." He said it three times and then either surprise punched or sucker punched, depending on what you feel that punch could be categorized as, and they fell on the table behind them. DP then began to throw blow after blow to the face, got up, wrapped his arm around Andy’s neck and began to swing at his face some more. At which point Rubillionaire stepped in and pulled DP away, while DP yelled something along the lines of come outside bitch lets finish this or something like that. I was too busy looking at Andy’s busted lip and trying to sit up straight up in my stool cause some dude just ran right past me once the fight started, like he thought someone was gonna up and punch him in the face.

I say we ban cl0ck from every marvel tournament from now on.

ban clock?

sure that makes sense



stfu staggs!