3s Rev A and B ISOs

Anyone have a link to the Rev A and Rev B ISOs? I am setting up my cabinet tomorrow and my Rev A disc is FLAWLESS, so I don’t want to use it. I would burn it, but the burner on my crap CPU is shot. I have a friend who would burn them for me and I don’t want to risk giving him the disc. I remember seeing a link to it a long time ago, but can’t find it. I am looking for Rev A mainly, but would like both. Thanks for any help!!


this is illegal so just hit the brakes before you get yourself a ban

Perhaps the original poster should’ve made it more explicit that he is asking for ISOs of the arcade version data discs, which by themselves are useless without a Capcom original security cartridge. I’ve got both files at home but nowhere convenient to upload them.

I hope you’re happy with the kit because it definitely was way, way, way overpriced. Even if it had been complete with all pieces in mint condition I still think it would’ve been overpriced…

Well like I have said before. I wanted a pristine kit and that is what I got. There is no reason to beat a dead horse on two forums. And yes I own the actual kit so where is the legality issue? I was assuming that by mentioning Rev A and Rev B the arcade version would be the only version people would think I would be talking about . . . anyways.

Burnt copy was in disc drive LOL!

SRT4s suck, WRXs/ STIs RULE

Glad you found the copy.

-Tha Hindu