3S Round Robin tourney may 20 sat

That Right 3S Round Robin that sat. sighn up’s start 1pm start by 2pm. 3$ entry fee (what else is new) Now for some that are unfirmilir with that term is where every participant will play every one a match 2 out 3 match. Now for every match get point or none. (match being 2 of 3) Winner will have most points over all 2nd 3rd determined as they follow according to points. This will be my last tourney in town for a while (I’ll be back one day count on it) Hope see hella people local and some out landers tri city crew fun playing u like to one time same for anyone in washignton too. Now if anyone is willing to run MvC2 Tekken DR KOF11 whatever just ask Tilt manager!

wheres round robin?


               i would go but i most likely have to be a corner man for some fights. plus i really didn't like the way the last one went. plus it will only probably be, You, Samy, and the kid. Not very intresting. I don't mind playing you or samy but i already most likely no the result!!!! but you two probably are the only cats that are intresting to play right now.

round robin isn’t a place, it’s a type of tournament. Read the first post again.

I’m game for this, sounds like fun.

oh my bad lol sorry bout that so this is gonna be held at the tilt like ussual?

What character should I use?

Kids love the stretchy man.

you guys better not start me up against fat bear again last time i got raped:sad:
man i wish i knew who all of you were the only people i know is fat bear and SamB

I’ll come play, hopefully I actually get to go this time as last time unexpected circumstances pervented this. Oh and virsaga you play everyone so it don’t matter who you start against.

      STOP CRYING!!!!! theres alot more people that can beat your ass besides Samy and Samb.

   Use your Ken, Samy, i can beat that!!!!!

I’ve got one vote for ken and one for necro. hmm… I think I’ll go with oro.

I’m really impressed about what people can do with Akuma - I’d vote for him.

yeah I agree with preppy play akuma KKZ RESETS!

wow don’t talk shit now? do i even know you?

It really dosen't matter who i am. Just know this. You couldn't beat in any game at the tilt. I lay it to you like that. I forget this sometimes that you are young, cuz everytime i see you post, you either say/ask somethin really stupid!!!!! I forget.

You have seen me by the way and i have seen you. Not impressed by your random lunge punch Yun or your " im gonna dragon punch everytime you jump " Ken!

 If you are concerened with who im that much!!! put $20 on counter of 3S cabinet and see who steps up 2 take it!!!

wait have u beaten me before? but i can really care less with your trash talk

Nope!!! haven’t played you before, i woulda played you in the last Beavton Tourney but you lost to some scrub in the losers bracket… Da well!!!

Im just having fun with you kid. Cuz A. im bored at work B. you came out of the box on SRk talken, which was funny cuz it reminded me of a well… young me!

You don’t have to get into your feelings. Im just tellin shit As is. nothing more nothing less!!!

ok good i was startin to get worried u were gonna kick my ass in person. but ya i do admit i lost to some scrub in loser bracket i should of pick yun or dud in that match. lemme knw how u look like in person adn we’ll play 4 casual or money

hahaha, i don’t beat on kids. Im not to hard to find. im that nigga that ran threw cats in the Beaverton Soul calibur 2 tourney " ashamed of that " and played a really bored Chun at the same tourney you were at.

Oh shit thats you! man ive been wanting to play u for ages you dont even know, i wanna know how it feels to play u. but ya ill play u for cash. you play black chun am i right? yo get on aim ill talk to u there