3s Ryu Combo. Help Please


I’m not really an sf3 noob but I can’t get the ex tatsu shoryu combo down. any advice?

Oddly though I remember being able to do st hp xx ex joudan ex tatsu then srk or super or something like that.


I’m a little unsure, but I believe it’s a corner only link. the knockback on it midscreen is too much for anything but for EX shoryu to hit afterwards iirc.

EDIT: or you may be thinking of akuma.


I know it’s corner only. This is a matter of timing for me really, and I would like some advice on that. Generally I try to put it in quickly but I never seem to hit with the srk.

As for Akuma’s Tatsu Shoryu bnbs, I have been doing those for a couple years now.


Try counting to one and then do the shoryu. Right before the enemy is about to hit the peak of being knocked in the air. Seems to work everytime for me on the PS2 version, on Arcade I know the timing is a notch slower.


Count to one… Sounded crazy but it works

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