3s: Ryu vs Remy

Here’s a match I played against a Remy recently:


I know that I’m still not very good (I’ve only started 3s when OE came out) but I had a hard time figuring out how to get past the wall of sonic booms / flash kicks. I realize I ate way too many sonic booms in this match, but in general, what’s the best way to approach a defensive Remy?

In the 2nd round I think I handled him better, and was more patient. I think this may be the key.

Any tips on this matchup?

Learn to parry.

It would help out tremendously up against Remy, because he shouldn’t be able to freely throw out so many LoV’s without you parrying and building meter in the process which will force him to stop throwing them out senselessly. Too many random Shoryuken’s too, well to be honest, you just gotta build your fundamentals with Ryu first because within that video you are lacking on a lot of those aspects which are allowing you to get hit far too many times. I’m sure their is a thread around here in which you can use to get your basic fundamentals going.

You need to maintain more pressure when you score a knockdown…way too many times you got in and let him back out into zoning distance when you should been pressuring him up close. Use Ryu’s dash to close the gap more safely so he’s not just waiting with flash kick for you on jump in.
If you get a knockdown, dash in close and block: if Remy constantly tries to flash kick on wakeup when you’re that close, just wait him out and punish his mistake, that’ll make him gunshy about flash kicking, leaving him open for Ryu’s F+MP overhead or a UOH, tick throws etc.
Simplify your counters too, Ryu’s standing HK is better anti-air if you get your spacing right, less dangerous and less punishable than those SRKs. Use Ryu’s standing MK, it’s one of Ryu’s best pokes, there were quite a few situations up close were you could stuff Remy’s pokes if you’re weren’t trying to fireball/DP his moves.
You seemed to be working your way in okay past his ‘sonic booms’ decently enough, if the Remy gets trigger happy with LoV’s and becomes predictable, you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Parrying might take a while to learn but you should really block/neutral jump those sonic booms. You ate way too many sonic booms that could’ve been blocked or jumped. Don’t haphazardly jump so often either. Trust me, this is a huge habit of mine when playing any Street Fighter game. Knowing he’s a charge character and is in a crouching position, he’s ready for you to be in the air. If you feel the need to, distance yourself so that you can forward jump the sonic booms while be out of range of his flash kicks. Also, approach him safely using the tips I mentioned. People who turtle like that Remy are usually scared of up-close battle and start throwing out random moves/special moves to knock you back into the position they want you to be in. Your right by saying patience is the key, another bad habit of mine (very impatient person).

Thanks for the info.

My confidence in my ability to parry is lacking, so I don’t do it as often as I should. I’ve also started playing a much more aggressive Ryu, meaning I don’t back up as much.

I thought that 3s didn’t have meaty attacks, so being really close when an opponent wakes up is not good…

My random SRK’s is a habit I’m working hard to break, and have been doing better as of late. I’m trying to only use specials as parts of combos (ie: cr.MKxxhadouken, etc) rather than just tossing them out.

You should be all over him like flies on shit all game long. stop running into lovs. walk, dont dash. punish appropriately when he does something retarded like whiffing a flashkick or doing cbk way too close.

kara-throwing also helps a lot in this match up. You want to get a knock down, then mix up off of that knock down. It doesn’t take much for Ryu to kill Remy.

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As a Remy player myself, I can tell you that a good Remy (which your opponent wasn’t) will want to get you into the corner because that’s where Remy’s possibilities really open up combo/damage wise.So don’t get cornered.

Learning to parry the LoV’s is definitely a must, but if it were me, I’d almost WANT you to parry them because while you’re stuck in parry stun, I’m busy setting something else up that’ll probably hit you that WOULDN’T have hit you had you blocked it. Learning to parry is very important, but parrying is just like attacking. You don’t want to just blindly parry everything, you have to consider the situation. Sometimes it makes more sense to block.

In this video though, you could have parried them all and your opponent wouldn’t have been able to do anything about it. Remy is like a doll made out of matchsticks compared to Ryu. He doesn’t take damage too well and his stun gauge is short so if you can get in close, use high/low mixups he’ll be on his back before you know it. When someone’s being turtely, I’ll sometimes use a super jump to get in (they never seem to expect it) and either throw or combo them from there.

it honestly wasnt the sonic booms, or his zoning that beat you. he’s just better inside(footsies). yeah pressure him a bit more and cut out those fireballs your throwing. if you do decide to throw fireballs when close, it has to be EX only. from 0:32 to 0:36 you could have cancelled those landed c.mk into EX fireball for better damage and knockdown. the tip is too play more and improve, it had nothing to do with the remy match up

Duck the high sonic booms and whiff crouch strong for the low ones block sometimes or parry sometimes. Try using ex fireball from mid screen too. Also don’t be afraid to jump at him. He looked like a begginer so he wasn’t focused on anti air mix up so once u learn the timing for the air parry it’ll be easy to get in. Just mix up a block string into ex hado or a throw.

Thanks for all the tips. As I initially stated, I realize my game overall is quite poor, but I recalled during the match that I didn’t really know how to approach him and was worried about getting flash kicked. I’m not used to parrying yet and often just forget to do it (3s is a game I didn’t play when it came out, I went from SFII on the SNES to SFIV on PS3).

Again, this thread has a tonne of useful info in it, and I know it will make me a better player.

learn to parry, work on not using sf4 inputs. You were doing srks when I suspect that you mean to throw hados

Actually, no. I don’t do any SFIV shortcuts (learned my moves on the SNES back in the day) and don’t want to fall into the habit of using shortcuts. I sometimes have trouble doing the SRK motion from the player 2 side, but those seem to end up being cr.HP/cr.MP’s.