3s Side Tourney at EVO?


Anyone planning on running it? :open_mouth:

If anything hell I will try to run it if no one is willing to. Could use some help of course. :smiley:


3s + EVO = bad combination




There really isnt a reason, people are just jumping on the bandwagon. I mean yeah, console 3s isnt as nice as arcade but shit if ur constantly playing on ggpo because you still love this game then console is godlike. Oh and by bandwagon I mean the select few who refuse to play on console for money.


as much disdain as i have for console, it’s not even half the reason why 3s sucks at evo. i don’t feel like writing an essay atm to explain all the reasons why, so a quick summary is that evo staff doesn’t care about 3s (and I don’t blame them).

edit - forget my negative posts. my view doesn’t apply much to a side tourney.


running a side tourney sounds like a nightmare at evo. trying to locate people, screaming for matches, etc. whoever runs it, good luck! Id rather just play casuals in a hotel room personally.

the reason why i dislike console is it just doesnt feel “good”. i cant really explain but if you play in arcade, it just feels right. add that with playing on the ground, on a baby ass tv, with the volume at 3, and on gill stage = not fun.

i can only think of like 1 top 3s player who cares about money. the rest just play for the love of the game.

also lugging around crt tvs sounds like hell.

ps. im only speaking for socal players. we are spoiled as hell and after playing arcade like 99% of the time, it just doesnt feel right on console.


Alright well poo.

I will see if I can bring a CRT with a setup so people can at least play casuals.


Imma try and host some 3s casuals in my hotel room. Drinking, smoking and some good 3s company. You really can’t beat that. Let me know who is willing to pop in and join us so I can plan accordingly. Ryan that means you. We can go drunk Vegas’ing after a while.

By smoke, we mean smoke.

Maybe a small round robin for the sake of it and maybe fridnly MM’s?


This right here is relevant to my interests.