3s Siren Records (Doylestown, PA) - H2H Versus City cabinet



Siren Records
25 E State Street
1st Floor
Doylestown, PA 18901




Siren Records New, Used & Collectible Vinyl Records & CDs


Tuesday - Thursday: 11am - 9pm
Friday: 11am - 10pm
Saturday: 10am - 10pm
Sunday & Monday: 11am - 7pm



Public Transportation:

Train: SEPTA Regional Railfrom Philly to Doylestown (station is about 3 blocks away from Siren)
Bus: SEPTA55 runs hourly nearly 24 hours a day to and from Doylestown/Olney Trans. Center (bus stop about a block away form Siren)
Transbridge lines run directly into Doylestown, drop off at SEPTA station


Sega Versus City Cabinet
Street Fighter III 3rd Strike 990512 JPN
ball top custom (tighter spring) Sanwa JLF joysticks with square gate
Sanwa OBSF-30 pushbuttons
custom IKEA NILS stools; Siren also has folding chairs and a guitar stool


Sometimes, Siren has live bands and while these events may extend normal business hours, bands can take priority. So, to see if play will happen during the performances, call or check for the latest updates on Siren’s facebook page, website, in this thread or in the Doylestown thread.


Hey Flare, is it really on freeplay all the time ? That sounds really sick, I hope everyone goes there.


I am jealous! Just awesome, I hope everyone goes there [2]


how far is this from Pittsburgh, PA?









come on over bro. we need you on ec.\
btw thats mr.jwanggggggg in that image and mr.[REDACTED]


BillyKane: Yes, it is

ParryAll: About 300 miles


…Road trip


Flare drives like Ms. Daisy is in the back seat. depending on how long it takes you to get to the Monroeville Turnpike exit/interchange you can do it in approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes. Set your cruise control to 120 and don’t stop to pee. Get off at the willow grove exit and head north up 611.


Doylestown and head to head 3s are the best :tup:


This is the arcade that I normally play at. If you guys are a fan of jwangggg and his wacky antics, you should come out! What goofy prank is he gonna pull this week!?


walk back and forth, roundhouse. walk back and forth, kara command throw. walk back and forth, spin the stick wildly, mash every button and jump out of your seat.


Tournament results from Saturday 10/8/2011

1st: MWelsh NE
2nd: Flare KE
3rd: Dankah KE
4th: jwangggg OR
5th: Lord Jim CH
6th: Maniac McGee DU



Tebbo is week. I am month.


That shit had to hurt… badddd


get on the xboxlive. we shall see who is month.

i would have taken .5th if i was there last sat.


Results form the Thursday single elim one game tourney:

  1. Therapist GO
  2. Flare RY
  3. Tebbo RY
  4. ??? Urien
  5. MWelsh NE
  6. DiaperBomb AL
  7. Dankah MA
  8. jwangggg OR
  9. Maniac McGee DU
  10. Lord Jim CH


Flarebot is such a masher (I hear).