3s Siren Records (Doylestown, PA) - H2H Versus City cabinet


Results form the Thursday single elim one game tourney:

  1. Therapist GO
  2. Flare RY
  3. Tebbo RY
  4. ??? Urien
  5. MWelsh NE
  6. DiaperBomb AL
  7. Dankah MA
  8. jwangggg OR
  9. Maniac McGee DU
  10. Lord Jim CH


Flarebot is such a masher (I hear).


it returned true! I’m sure.


We’re looking to run weeklies Thursday or Saturday. Which day would be best for everyone?


Either day is fine for me. I have to work on Thurs so can’t make it up until 5ish, can make it up anytime on Sat. h2h arcade 3S :sunglasses:

If any of you live nearby, def. stop by. Playing 3S on anything else is like playing in molasses :rolleyes:


probably saturday really. since b-dog can do sat now. plus even if someone wanted to do something later at night, theres still plenty of time earlier in the day to get games in where as thurs is probably a bit more like night time only.


Whenever date you pick I’ll cut work and come :slight_smile: (Albert from CF is also interested)


shoutouts to Jwanggg…and luchador masks


it’ll probably be a quiet saturday at the 3S oasis this week. I suspect there will be Third Strike to ring in the new year. Do it fancy dress to impress.



weekly tournaments start this saturday @ 4


They wouldn’t happen to have the service manual for the Versus City cab sitting around that place would they? I could surely use a copy of that thing


No, but I saw it online a couple of years ago






‘man, you come right of a comic book’




Anybody down for some beers at Chambers :wonder:


See you at the party Richter!


rvn youre from around the area?


No, I was just having a joke with Richter


@jwangggg SRK is shutting down. See you Space Cowboy…

-Siren Wrecking Crew Destroylestown, PA