3s - So.Cal vs. Texas vs. New York vs. Nebraska - 3on3 R.R


I think this could be a fun little side event at this years Evo.

Every state has a team of 3 qualified players and will face off against all other opposing states in several 3on3 round robins for ultimate bragging rights.

Round 1 = So.Cal vs. Texas, New York & Nebraska - 27 matches
Round 2 = Texas vs. New York, Nebraska - 18 matches
Round 3 = New York vs. Nebraska - 9 matches

(54 total matches, assuming its single-match)

All players would obviously be decided by having a qualifier tournament in each state prior to Evo. Simply take top 3 from a double-elim tournament.


Yes, yes, but…




I’m assuming you’re talking about 3s. You didn’t mention that and if it’s not somebody informed about who you are and what the interest of games are in those regions, you wouldn’t be able to tell.


points to topic

What about team OREGON?!?


Yeah what about team Oregon?

Thongboy, thats an exellent av? Top tier av!!:cool: That game was insane hard to beat. That should be a advertisement for EVO like on a shirt er something.



I guess i played that game too much back in the day, i used to be able to own it…i tried again recently and it’s MUCH harder than i remember:lol:


Nebraska plays 3s?? Whenever I look at the results for top tournaments I never see anyone from NE listed, why are they in the 3on3??


what about NorCal…some decent players here



Its not about the placings, its about the avatars!


I would love to see Lifetimeboy captain a Northwest team that includes at least one player from oregon.


i think that any state with 3 3s players should be able to enter (not gonna be that many). let’s get this ball rollin’!


if u can link ken’s crouching strong into his saIII super u can be the sh!t again… its all the rage here in cali every one seems to be doing that crap… (crouching forward into super is sooo 2003:o )


Ah, the good old days. Remember back at Evo2k4, when 3rd Strike was still on arcade? Back then we could do ken’s sitting strong, go get a cup of coffee, come back, check to see if the strong connected, then do SAIII.


i wanna see Kenshiro heading up the New Mexico 3s Team!


dont worry they dont want none :eek:

especially TEX/NEB:eek:


Well in that case I’ll compose a team of myself and 2 random bums!

I’ll make them official Floridians for a day. :stuck_out_tongue:


Washington+Oregon can probably cough up 3 good 3s players


As much as I hate to say it, LTB/You(ouch, my soul)/King would be the best team imo, unless it’s all of NW, then it’d have to be a playoff for the two spots between Alvin, Miguel, You, King, and a few others I guess just for a 8 man tourney(I’d say Bob, Cesar if he can get consistent practice, Ray, and Ondrej). It’d be really cool for a NW team in 3s, even if you’re in it:bluu:


if anything there should be a 3 man team from each region, or even 2 teams from each region. FUCK IT, THERE SHOULD BE A TEAM TOURNEY (for every game) AT EVO PERIOD!!! i think it would be alot better for some peeps that go and are only somwhat good at one game (like me!). especially now that its “console.” i dont see any problems to this.

holla if you hearz me


no disrespect to all other coasts, states, ect.

but give that shit so cal. actually not even so cal. give it to ff.