3s Speed run?

Can’t seem to find a speed run for this game.


Not here, not on youtube (I did find ST speedruns with every character)

I don’t care if its tool assisted or not (both are entertaining).

Has one been done?

maybe one of you guys could do one?

PS- testing- :lp: :mp: :hp: :lk: :mk: :hk: :jump: :block: :dash: :sa: :throw:

I understand speed runs of games like Ninja Gaiden, DMC and such, but I really don’t see the point in making fighter game speed runs. They consist only of the same patterns, repeated over and over and over again… It’s just plain boring imho.

Well with a tool assisted speed run they would be more like that but abusing glitches and other fancy shit.

But with a true speed run its not really just about beating it fast, its about doing it fast and making it look nice.

Noooo, it’s about doing it as fast as possible. SPEED run?? You are supposed to do it as fast as possible and that includes using glitches, bugs and such. Take a look at the, for example, DMC3 speedrun. The dude finishes it in just over 2 hours, yet he runs by enemies, skips some situations and so on.

Speedrun =/= a video of someone playing flashy

Let me guess: you belong to the group of people that like to hang out at arcades just to watch good players play? :wgrin:

a speed run is incredibly boring sounding for 3s sorry

Speed runs for fighters are generally not going to be well received here. Nobody cares how well you do against the computer.

I don’t think any of the glitches in 3s would aid a speed run.

How about two TAS scripters write two individual scripts separately to play their character, and then pit them against each other :rofl:

The AI can’t and doesn’t do shit against Alex’ SA3. They will eat it off of everything, never jabbing, never jumping.
Still, as someone said, 3S speed run sounds uber-boring…

That’s not a glitch, thats just bad AI.

Speedruns make me wanna sleep==

it’s the same thing over and over again

How to do a 3s speed run in 3 easy steps:

  1. Pick Makoto
  2. Do Karakusa, s.fierce xx Fierce Hayate until you beat Gill
  3. Profit!!!

You get MSF for doing this as well…

Leet Nice one…

bumping this old thread for this guy’s channel: (AND PLZ HATERS,














[media=youtube]0B1X36eji18]YouTube - [Reupload[/media]





and there is another channel too:


PS- What are all the rankings in SF3 after the matches? And what do they mean?

A lot of those matches are what me and Gasp look like when we play against eachother.

I don’t mind macro-combo vids, but TAS videos? I dunno.

Granted there was that one Dudley vid I found pretty cool(in the Dudley forum) but these were pretty average, especially compared to what we’ve been exposed to from ACTUAL match vids.

waste of time

Those are not entertaining.

Said it. xD

Would much rather be watching real match videos.