3s sprites?

I need sprites. Preferrably animated, and from 3s. Non-default colors is SUPERB.

Any help is appreciated. CvS2/Mvc2/etc sprites are okay, too, though.

But really, I hate default colors. :tdown:

I pretty much edited my old topic, changed it a bunch, so this is a bump.

Oh, and newwavemugen.com is down, so don’t suggest stuff from there. :confused:


that’s all i know, and most of the colors are default, but it has every sprite from the game

sorry, didn’t know

That is newwavemugen.com.

Heh, yeah, those are hosted by newwavemugen… :l

And sup mixah, it’s Elias. :stuck_out_tongue:


i need some 3S sprites too and http://www.uoguelph.ca/~jnowak/images/ doesn’t have what i’m looking for.

i don’t even need it animated or anything. if u lazy, then just give me the screen shots & i’ll do the rest myself.

heh… can you be a lil more vague on what your looking for…

might have the sprites somewhere but if you don’t tellus what your looking for exactly, then we can’t help… kthanx

sorry about that. u know in 3S the screen where u select ur opponent?

there are like 2 triangles, and in each triangle there’s a circle, and in each circle there’s a pic of the opponent.

i would like a pic of each character’s portrait. this opponent select portrait is actually different from the VS screen portrait. i would like this pic with the circle. i need this for a web site i’m making.

just give me the screen shot of each circle & i’ll cut them out myself.