3S/ST Dallas players - Fight for the Future!


Starting a new thread for the Third Strike players in the DFW area.

Just a place for us to talk about stats, vids, tips, and way for us to improve for the people who take this serious or somewhat serious. Hopefully this will get us to a new level. Maybe…

I’m down for ST shit too.

  • If your in the area I’m always down for games and my door is always open for 3S and ST players. So give me a holla!

Also get on that ggpo. Its a good tool to learn matchups.

Thanks to Ranma for letting me start the thread.

Sounds good. You ought to include player’s rankings from the ranbats and such.

Now where’s the rest of the crew?

someone plse teach me 3rd strike.:mad:

So is there a decent list of ST frame data anywhere? I picked up the SFAE guide so I have frame data for 3s, no ST though :(. I want a fully translated Yoga Book Hyper.

Acie: does the guide you have display hitboxes? if so, itd be really cool to see them.

and yes, t.akibas site has frame data information, and NKI has kindly translated it.


No, the SFAE guide’s frame data is spot on but they had some misplaced animations next to the moves. There aren’t hit boxes anyways.

so the SFAE strategy guide does or doesnt for Third strike

also. check this out. since i cant read kanji, i cant translate all of it, but ill work on it.



frame date for third strike and other good stuff.

Someone tell me about frames, I never understood them the + and -. Im a scrub.

Hey acie hows the feng coming? Get back on the 3S.


lawlz 3s. maybe. im not really inspired to play it right now. i miss it quite a bit but im still just not that inspired. ST has more readily available comp and it is much more of a learning experience right now.

pluses mean you’re at “x” amount of frame advantage. the greater the number, the more you’re at an advantage after an attack, usually after blockstun or hitstun.

minuses mean the “x” amount of frames of disadvantage/recovery you’ll be in blockstun or hitstun.

knowing the amount of frames and how the fighting game system works, you can string together attacks more safely with minimal backlash.

…besides 3s.

lol jk.:looney:

…especially when you have 16 characters you can learn. :cool:


Good stuff for sure, I got ggpo! someone play me!

Just to let everyone know I’m interested. I’ll always suck at 3s because my execution is horrid, but it’s still my favorite 2d fighter right now. Oh, and ST scares me, but I love to watch.

Beast Ken checking in LawL


gg between tony and i

After playing WoW for a year or so I’ve decided to take a break from that shit and try to pick up third strike again. Been playing a little bit on GGPO (lol at pad though). Where do you guys play at night? I know you guys used to play out at Arlington/Dallas or what ever but thats kind of a far drive for me. About a hour or so. Anybody in the plano or mckinney area that plays?

…actually we play in Plano now, on Friday nights at The House of Goons! :pray:

Really? That sounds great. I have off work on Friday this week. Granted my car is fixed by then I’ll try to make it out there.

ROFL @ Johnny’s Dust Loop impression.

I need to find that SFAE guide again. The last one we had has already disintegrated.