3s: Starting to play with Sean

Starting to play with Sean. Why? Money and time to waste.

I need:

Best Bread and butter combo, without super, after an opponent misses a DP for example.

So far I’m using standing/crouching fierce into short tornado kick.


Same thing except if you have one EX meter: maybe s.fierce EX dragon uppercut?


Does his s.RH have ANY use? It looks totally useless both as a poke and I’m sure it isn’t cancellable…

Can he link his close s.RH if he hits a standing opponent?

Is it possible to reset from f+RH into his uppercut super?

Does his EX tackle combo from anything?

If you hit with his RH tornado kick, are you safe when you land? It seems like Sean might be vulnerable.

Help me out!


Hmm… s.HP into LP DP works fine, as does s.MP to s.HK…

Yes, s.HP to EX DP is fine.

Not sure about the HK… I’m sure it doesn’t cancel or link into anything, but I need to remember which version it is (the slightly dashing one?) to figure out which is best as a poke, because it can work - it’s good for stuffing certain moves.

Don’t think it’s possible to reset from f+RH into his uppercut super.

EX Tackle might come off of s.MP or s.HP, but that’s all I can think of that could possibly work.

Not sure about the Tornado Kick being safe.

I’ll check this stuff when I head over to the local cab later.

ex tackle is like ibuki’s low thing, and all ‘semi’ throws. They’re blockable, but don’t combo :confused: errr, just realized Alex’s headbutt combos but that’s only because of backturned state.

s.forward is the little shin kick.

s.roundhouse is next to useless, except as a situational anti-air.

best combo is either strong roundhouse, or just fierce xx dp.

sean sucks cuz he does ken like damage per hit without the combo possibilities.

again, if only c.strong linked into hadou burst, sean would be decent.

We need more people playing Sean in 3S in the world. I know I like to combo using his EX hurricane kick. And Erco, c. strong into hadou-burst works. Trust me I know it works.:smiley:

blah blah blah! :slight_smile:

naw, real problem is that c.strong linked to hadou burst doesn’t work at all ranges. If you hit someone’s extended foot with a c.strong, or hell, hit a max range c.strong, the link will fail since the super takes too long to travel the distance to get there. That’s why ken’s soooooo good, the first hit of SAIII covers it’s entire distance (which is really damn far) in like 1 frame. Plus that whole vacuum effect.

Point blank, yes, the link works, but the lack of versatility is a killer.

Oh, whoops - Yes, the HK Tornado does leave Sean vulnerable even if it connects. :bluu:

Also, erco’s right - c.MP -> SA1 works, but it’s as reliable as 12 doing c.WK -> SA1, so… =P

The standing strong and roundhouse is a good bread and butter since it recovers very quickly and that ken-like kick might bait your opponent into doing something.

If you do an ex tornado, you can do an ex uppercut right after sean lands if your opponent tries to retaliate with a normal move.

His standing roundhouse looks like it sucks, but I noticed it has a lot of priority for a heavy strike. The far fierce is good as a poke.

I find that the fierce into dragon punch often doesn’t work if you cross them up first.

Certain mix-up combos: you can do a close fierce into a forward fierce, or a close fierce into the overhead axe kick (if you’re opponent isn’t truly hot about parries you can ex the axe just to be safe), or a close fierce into the tackle (you can also stop the tackle and throw at this point).

The close, standing roundhouse pushes them back too far to do a dragon punch afterwards, but it works great as a cancel for a hadou burst; the one hit doesn’t suffer that much from damage reduction. Same with the forward roundhouse, it pushes away too far, but I’ve never tried doing a super in the corner, so we’ll see.

I don’t think anything combos properly into the ex tackle, but if you confuse your opponent well up to this point he might think you’re doing an ex axe kick and walk into it.

Does anyone know if you can chabboti cancel Sean’s s.mp, s.rh chain into his super, i.e hit s.mp, then hit roundhouse, immediately do super so that only the first frames of RH come out??


I tried this many times, but was unable to do it. My general strategy is timing it so that I hit the button the instant the roundhouse hits, or trying for the instant after. I don’t think it’s possible, because ken’s mk is exactly the same and it can’t cancel to my knowledge, though it might be because dudley’s dashing uppercut can cancel the second hit and i had trouble doing that one at first.

wtf is chabboti cancel?

omg, I’m so behind in SF knowledge!!! ACK.

explain and maybe I’ll work on it

Your best bet for B&B’s ought to be:
no meter:
s.Rk->Mk tornado kick
c.Mk->Lk tornado kick

s.Rk->EX tornado kick
c.Mk->EX tornado kick

s.Fp->Fp uppercut->Hadou Burst
c.Mk->Hadou Burst

s.Rk is pretty good at stuffing alot of attacks.

f+Rk can combo to Hadou Burst, but they can parry it.

That having been said, I hate Capcom for ruining my favorite character. I miss 2I Sean and his mad versatility, mix-ups, head games, and comboability. Oh, and his new uppercut is mad-gay, whereas the Dragon Smash was the coolest uppercut ever. Now If you’ll excuse me I have to go cry.

Thanks everyone for the info.

Chabboti cancel, IIRC, was present in A3 in Guy and Gen’s chains. They could for example do s.jab-s.mp-s.fierce and then instead of chaining to the final hit, roundhouse, they could do the super motion while at s.fierce and then complete the super motion, sliding from roundhouse to fierce, fooling the computer into thinking it had registered a roundhouse but actually gaining, in essence, a useful link for Guy and Gen.

So that is what I’m looking for for Sean.


was that useful as in, could anyone pull that off reliably to make it worthwhile?

I agree with EVIL5150, bring back 2I Sean. He was at his best in that game. I liked his cross-up with jumping forward kick into standing up close Fierce into roundhouse Hurricane kick. The oppenents stun meter went up like crazy. And if you had SA1 or SA3 you could EX the Hurricane kick into a super.:cool:

okay, let me get this straight.

take a chain where one of the starting hits is super cancellable. In this example Sean. Since you have a gap of time to cancel the move, you try to fit your chain cancel (the s.roundhouse) in at the beginningof this gap, and then the super cancel (SAIII) at the end of that gap, so in essence, you’re still technically cancelling the s.strong, even after the s.roundhouse came out?

hrm, not sure if the s.roundhouse hits fast enough to make all 3 hits combo, but it could be interesting for hit recognition purposes.

Sean is a great character if you know how to use him - I’ve gotten a combo down that does 96 points of damage in 4 hits… it basically kills anyone.


As everyone’s said, Sean’s chain (MP, HK) is good. It also works as anti-air, unlike Ken’s chain (the HP whiffs but Sean’s HK connects).

Yes, you can link from close standing HK. The preferred super in this case is Hyper Tornado. Think of it as a poor man’s low MP -> Shippu :lol:.

Close standing HP -> towards + HP is good for mix-ups. You can vary that by faking the Sean Tackle.

Standing MK seems to stuff quite a few pokes, so i recommend that when pressuring. Also, it seems to have quite an odd timing to it, so it’ll definitely throw some people off.

When in the corner, you can probably fool someone with this at least ONCE:

low LK -> Taunt -> dash -> low LK 2x -> super OR standing HP -> towards + HP OR low LK 2x -> faked Sean Tackle etc…

At this distance, Sean will not catch the basketball, so you can use that time to go in close and do as you wish.

:cool: sean is one of my best characthers (besides yang and ken).
his combo is very easy to do and link with. after all I can do almost anything.

People fail to realize that Sean haves mobility.

One thing I notice about Sean is that while your performing mix ups with him people try to hit you out of them, thats why his roll works very well, he’s some what like rolento in CVS2 as far as mobility, but the thing is you have to be really careful with his role because its kinda crappy, but if you use it just right it could be annoying for your opponent. Alot of people dont play Sean because he lacks good B&B and his upper cut is some etc, but the thing that makes him good is his MOBILITY!

Sean ??? :lol: :lame: