3s Story-wise Character Ranks

Pretty self-explanatory…
Based on the story and not gameplay, who do you guys think is the strongest/weakest… this is what i think

1- Akuma/Oro
2- Gill/Ryu
3- Ken/Urien
4- Alex/Hugo/Dudley
5- Chunli/Remy/Q
6- Yun/Yang/Elena/Ibuki/Elena/Necro/Makoto/12
7- Sean

For me, characters in a group should be able to comfortably beat characters in the group under them… doesnt mean its an easy win, but maybe a 70% chance of victory. Within a group there may be someone better than the other, but if its very close then they are in the same area… ofcourse your welcome to list all of them in order if you think you can…
I’d like to hear your impressions from the game and canon info…

  1. Oro
  2. Ryu
  3. Akuma
  4. Gill
  5. Rest don’t matter, they’re all scrubs.

Not that it matters but

SSS tier: Gill - he’s a demigod afterall, he can survive shun goku satsu by resurrecting (shown in 2I). Definitely the strongest being in SF universe.
SS tier: Gouki, Oro - the supreme martial masters
S tier: Ryu - just right behind
A tier: Urien (still Gill’s bro afterall), Chun Li (strongest woman in the world, defeated shadaloo), Ken - not up to par with Ryu anymore, but still the ansatsuken is strong

the rest is quite hard to rank properly due to lack of sources
maybe the B tier is comprised of:
Q - should be quite strong seeing he’s a hidden midboss
Yun - should be pretty good too (see his ending, it’s not like everyone could get a gill-related story)
Alex - is good with great potential
Dudley - i just guess so

Isn’t 12 some sort of supersoldier? I think that he should be up there.

wow lots of very different opinions…
in my case, although obviously the quotes are not canon… i took this one to heart…

End boss: Gill
Oro: "You look as strong as that boy with the headband. We shall see!"
Gill: “Enough talk. I’ll send you to heaven right here and now!”

Yeah…actually Twelve should be pretty powerful despite the fact that he’s horrible in the game. Gill should no doubt be crazy good. I mean dood can ressurrect. Elena can heal but coming back to life owns everything. Oro is stupid powerful because he purposely hides one hand during fights due to his immense power. Akuma…yeah it’s Akuma.


–Gill, Shin Akuma, Oro (two hands)
–Akuma, Oro (one hand)
–Urien, Ryu, Q(???)
–Ken, Chun-Li
–Alex, Hugo
–Dudley, Necro, Twelve
–Yun, Yang, Makoto, Ibuki
–Elena, Remy

Slight edit.

Thats important to note. Normal akuma is supposed to be him hiding some of his power, or so I’ve read.

Also I think Ryu and Ken are supposed to be equal throughout the SF story so far.


Wish Yun and Yang were more important to the story since they are my two favorite characters

Yo Oro with both hands is way more than anyone can handle. Look at his EX supers, I mean damn, if he played with both hands all the time, he would be a beastly beast. If Oro contends with everyone in the storyline with one hand, I would say that using both hands would make him above the rest of the cast easily.

oro with 2 hands on gill level and shin akuma, nigga binds one hand and STILL he fights akuma. oro does not give a fuck, crip or not oro straight up puts his 400 year old dick in everyones ass

i think so too about oro…
I rank people based on them doing their best… so when i say oro i assume its both hands, and when i say akuma i assume its shin akuma…
keep the lists coming

I started a thread talking about this a while back, and it wasnt just 3s characters but the whole SF universe overall.

Akuma, Oro, and Gill are considered "God tier"
then you have the likes of Ryu, Urien, Ken, Chun Li…

the rest are harder to determine since there isnt much storyline for 3s.

LOL at SUV > Sean

-Akuma, Oro
-Ryu, Urien, Q, Hugo, Twelve?
-Chun, Ken
-Alex Necro
-Everybody else that is’nt Sean.

LOL @ People ranking Necro over 12. :rofl:

urien toys with chun-li in their story fight, he beats her by at least a tier. oro and akuma are obviously god tiers, gill is debateable, but still better than urien.

other than that it’s pretty much speculation/opinion.

prolly something like
questionmarks everywhere else, hugo and twelve are pretty up there, and alex and sean are pretty low (both get absolutely stomped by ryu) ken is either on tier or below a tier from ryu

I can’t believe you guys don’t give Ryu the respect he deserves. That motherfucker is without a doubt going to be the most powerful fighter in the SF universe by the time the series is over, and Oro’s ending shows that even now, he is still incredibly strong. Stronger than Akuma (he’s shown that he can compete/beat Akuma/Shin Akuma in Alpha series), stronger than Gill (Gill is a bitch on an ego trip), but not as strong as Oro, yet…

wasn’t yun clearly better then yang?

Wow, all from an msn conversation. I didnt know us talking got you so excited. The best two is Oro and Akuma then you have Gill below both of them in his own group, then ryu, then Urien with Ken and the rest dont matter. If only ryu took the dark-hadou…

What would happen if Oro learned Ansatsuken and mastered the dark hadou… that’d be the day.