3s strike option Selects


I would like to know some really good, versatile option selects for Chun and Ken in 3s. Anyone got any?
Ryu is sort of my second to Chun besides Ken. Are there any good ones for him?

I’m not really a new player but I’m new in terms of using option selects- which I currently don’t.


SGGK is a very basic option select that chun and ken can take advantage of. You input a parry (forward or down) and kara throw. What occurs is you either get a kara throw if the opponent does nothing that you parry, or you parry and instead of a kara throw, you get the normal that you attempted a kara throw with. For chun li you’ll want to use roundhouse so if the roundhouse comes out, you can sjc into sa2. For ken I recommend strong, if you see a parry input the strong fierce chain into super.



eh its too bad kens kara is so short on range though.


The kara throw isn’t the point.


do you think I don’t realize this?
you don’t know everything about what I’m doing I suggest you quit trying to. You made an argument point based upon an assumption created in your own mind. My reply was simply a comment. You took it too far and implied that I thought that the point of the whole os was kara throw.

If you need to know that I do get option selects fine. “The point of an option select is to put in an input made of multiple inputs that allows the game engine to decide which option is best for the situation.” Basically it covers multiple bases with minimal work. I get what one does. I am new to them in the fact that I haven’t bothered using them.
Also, your input did not help me at all. Of course the entire point isn’t the kara throw! Ken’s kara throw is complete crap. Which Is why I made my comment in the first place. Should it come out, there is a very high chance that it could miss. A miss throw would leave me completely open for any sort of attack for a few frames. Against some high damage characters, this may be an opening for a kill combo. I was therefore more expressing worry over a possible dangerous situation rather than what you thought I was doing. I did make an assumption that someone would catch on to my train of thought over a whiffed throw, but without elaboration I should suppose that nobody really would.

Ok… Done being my own net lawyer. -_-
Anyone else have an option select to tell me about?


What are you even talking about


you so salty.


do you do regular throws out of range a lot? if not there’s no reason why a kara throw should be any different.


TNB: Who are you, why do you keep making shitty posts and why can’t you understand the fact that you shouldn’t bite the hands that feed you?

By the way, don’t even think about option selects at this point if all you’re going to do is complain about Ken’s karathrow. This is the best advice anybody can give you.


fundamental 3s is not about option selects and matchup knowledge, it’s about reading ability and mindgames


If your worry is the range at which you’re doing it, then you shouldn’t be doing it, period.