3s Super Battle Opera European Qualifiers: Round 2 & 3 - 3/02/03

The last two qualifiers were held on March 2nd in Paris, France. The same system as in the 1st tournament was used, qualification groups then round robin (best of 7 matches) between the top 8 players to get the final rankings. Someone let me know if there’s any mistake in the results, I’m doing this by memory.

Second Qualifier:

1st: [3rd]Wael - 6 wins, 1 loss - Chun-Li, Ken, Urien, Q, Necro
2nd: BillyKane - 6 wins, 1 loss - Yun, Chun-Li, Ken
3rd: [3rd]M’Barreck - 5 wins, 2 losses - Gouki, Ibuki, Dudley, Remy
4rth: [3rd]Walid - 5 wins, 2 losses - Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li

4rth-8th in no particular order (I’ll try to update once I get the full results): Maurice (Ryu, Ken, Elena), Andre (Gouki, Alex), huang (Ken, Makoto, Yun), Erwan (Ken, Ryu)

Third Qualifier:

1st: BillyKane - 7 wins, 0 loss - Yun, Chun-Li, Alex
2nd: [3rd]M’Barreck - 6 wins, 1 loss - Gouki, Ibuki, Dudley, Remy
3rd: Nasty/Nyto - 5 wins, 2 losses - Chun-Li
4rth: [3rd]Walid - 4 wins, 3 losses - Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li

4rth-8th: Maurice, Andre, PeCheuR (Ken, Urien), Shizuma (Ken, Necro, Alex)

Final Results:

The European team at SBO will be


Random comments:

Big thanks to Wael, Walid and co. for putting so much effort in the tourneys, they ran very smoothly.

Thanks to everyone who entered and donated (around 60 entries just for 3s, counting all three tournaments!), hope you all had a good time.

Thanks to Kuni and the SBO comitee for giving Europe a team spot for 3s.

Thanks to the Dutch players who came to enter the first qualifier, hope to see you guys again soon. Shame more foreign players didn’t show up. The next big tournaments in France -after Cannes this month- are in May if you’re interested.

For those who asked, there’s footage of the qualifiers but I don’t know if it’s going to be encoded yet.

Beat Nebraska or Cali before you go to Japan!

I dont think you guys are ready.:frowning:

let’s see if u get our point. Let’s say u have enough money to go japan or to paris where would you go??? ok i think i made myself clear… anyway thx to everyone who attended to my father for supplying us a place to hold the tournaments to asenka for the tvs billy tony and all for the dcs to my bro and nabil for all the support and the training…

Well Done Wael , Nadir and of course to Fabien who won a few weeks back , Give them Japs hell boys :evil:!

PS- If you meet Match get me his autograph :smiley: too damn good.

Beat Nebraska or Cali before you go to Japan!

You do realize Cali is about as far as Japan for us, do you? Given the choice, where would you go (especially since 3s isn’t even included in the Evo line-up)? And this isn’t about being ready or not, it’s about representing and learning.

Yo I’ve seen some footage from u guys and I think your hella dope. Go to Japan and rep that shit down ya meen! Oh and try not to refer to them as Japs, they will use Makoto on you for that shit.:lol:


Beat Nebraska or Cali before you go to Japan!

Don’t underestimate euro players dude.
Theres always one who has to take a pop at europe players.

BloodUrien - wasup dude longtime no see :).

Great job guys!

I’m really excited for you!

Just one question though:

The team is:


But what characters will they each be using? I’m just curious.

Go represent Europe to it fullest and ignore the haters. I’m sure you’ll do fine!

Be sure to get footage and I want to see an article written by one of you on your experiences in Japan!

Good luck!

Congrats Euros,

I suggest you guys get some serious practice in against Makoto, there doesnt' seem to be a good one over there?  She's probably gonna be all over SBO, so be ready!~!


Congrats to all the European players.

Are all the qualifiers French? If so, “VIVRE LA FRANCE!”

Dont make us look bad “Team Europe”,don’t make us look like a “bunch of maricones”. show them that the street fighter scene is not only USA vs JAPAN!

BK: you qualified? hm, u think u can stop by china sometimes after SBO? that’s where I am right now. it sucks. it really really sucks. ppl never seen urien before. and i need someone to keep me company.

here’s my prediction on the team:

fabien, ken, wael, urien, bk, chunli…no?

blah, you guys are good. beside, what’s there to lose? we all know japanese would destroy every foreigners. it’s not like States have a better chance. what, u really think team US is gonna take the top? let’s hope they give team US some easy brackets first. if they see tokido or any of those 12043853248930 uriens, blah, unblockable city.

Thanks for all the positive comments.

If it were allowed, the team would most likely be Fabien (Ken), [3rd]Wael (Ken), BillyKane (Yun) but someone will have to switch characters.

And yeah Adverse, there aren’t too many good Makotos here. The best one didn’t enter the qualifiers. Japanese Makotos are scary. :frowning:

SilverGear, I’ll make sure to write a log when I come back!

Hi, I’ve just sign up to wish you 6 frenches players to do your best to kick them ass. I hope you will manage to show how French level is. Give the best you can do :evil:
Go on !!

Just so you guys know ahead of time Kuni has stated that all teams must consist of 3 different characters.

So someone is going to have to switch out Ken for someone else.

I look forward to reading it. :wink:

Once more I wish you guys the best of luck!

Sup lads, I hope u get usa in da first round and send them back to cali in a box. Billy who all is going to japan not including wael and fabien? p.s I have a bet on that you will make it to the 2nd round don`t let me down

chunkis: Aside from the team, the following players are also going, I think they’re going to enter the last-day qualifications:


all player french so gosu ~~
let’s go represent

Congrats, Nadir!

Ow, Japan is strong. =D

I lost to Match and Meta in the tournaments I’ve entered. Those guys are better than me. I also lost to an Oro player, but I really should’ve won@that one. I beat K.O once! (okay, so it was casual, I admit… :)). He’s insanely@good.