3s superguide. Saikyo link editon. OYAJI!

For those of you just starting 3s, I have a big collection of vids on most of the characters. I have yet to complete the section for the “new challengers” in 3s. Also missing Hugo, I must remedy that. Still, there is some good info on lesser used characters, like Sean, Oro, 12, Q, and Necro, alongside the popular ones like Chun and Ken. Figured it would be good to post this since online edition is coming soon.


Yes, thank you. I’m learning 3S right now, and I’ve been looking for something like this.

Very Koolz…big ups to you TNB

Also you dan kids, hit up bodler. He’s he pink sean, basically 3s’s version of dan.
Also, I have found a sean tutorial. Yeah, it’s in there, lol.