3s Sydney Chinatown Ranbat & Casual Vids Thread


Seeing as we run weekly Ranking Battles I figured I would make a thread which I would bump every week when the new vids come out. All these files are via ** bit torrent** by the way, if possible try and seed for a while once you have downloaded. Anyway to begin with we have:

Sydney Chinatown Ranking Battle #3 [295mb]

Sydney Chinatown Ranking Battle #4 [385mb]

3s Casuals - PaulT vs Sydney Guys [149mb]

no download rate =(

There are plenty of people both seeding and leeching these files at the moment, they are working fine.

Your right, I’m simply impatient.

i like #4

any remy?

not in #3

And not in #4 either.

Not on tape yet, maybe this weekend for Ranbat #6.

Anyway, some more casuals: 3s Casuals - Ho [KEN] vs Sydney Guys [Random characters used] [125mb]

#5 is up now

Eeveryone, please seed the video when you finish the d/l.

New 3s Ranking Battle - 2 on 2 Team Tournament for download via Bittorent:
Sydney Chinatown Ranking Battle #6 [282mb]

Thanks TSC, but I’m stuck at 93% since there are no seeders. :sad:

Sorry about that, there will be a few people seeding Ranbat #6 within the next few hours!:tup:

Can you link me to the codecs I need to play ranbat #6? I had no trouble playing any of the ones in the past but I can’t get this one to work. Thanks in advance.

Gspot is a useful tool to determine the codecs u need for .avi files. Running that on #6 the codec needed is DivX5.0

Hope it works for u. If all else fails, VLC media player will play anything u throw at it. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ Thanks for watching :tup:

I never knew about that player… it is really good for those of us using Imac’s. Thanks for the heads up “Master”.:clap:

Sydney Chinatown Ranking Battle #7 Bittorent Link [216mb]

just wanted to say thanks for posting those vids up :slight_smile: very entertaining and helps me learn.

No problems, glad to hear someone liked them!

hot damn who’s that paul t guy?