3S System Direction Discussion: All Supers allowed et al

I was playing around with system direction today, and was having a pretty damn good time. What I really thought was interesting was opening up the supers, so that every character can use every super. I remember alot of people complaining about that aspect of 3rd strike.

Everyone gets the same 2 stocks of super, which is about as long as Chun’s SA2. I was wondering, who gets better and who gets broken?

Most Improved:

Ryu: Ex Funky Kick-> Shinsho, Denjin-> Shinsho, Double Denjins, Double Shin Sho’s al become possible. Really fucking broken I think

Elena: 2 Healing Stocks? Healing after Super? (no techs) Healing then EX’s? I can see she being much more of a pain to fight.


Hugo: Having Acess to all of his supers makes him MUCH scarier to deal with. Alot more options. And 2 Gigas’s??

Yun: Time on Genei Jin is longer, drawback is that’s longer to charge. Two genei jin’s in a row, also You Hou-> Genei Jin combos are possible.

Oro: Tengu stones are longer, can store 2, and can do Yagou Dama unblockables into Tengu combos.

Yang: Longer SA3, and multiple SA1’s. Much more versatile.

Necro: All of his supers have decent uses, but longer electric snake bar hurts.

About the same:

Chun: Same bar length, just gains some new tricks with 2 puffball stocks (even though not good damage for the meter)

Twelve: He has supers?

Alex: While Stungun becomes longer, Stun gun-> hyper bomb becomes possible, but his supers still suck.

Remy: SA1 and SA2 have 2 bars about that length. Not much difference.

Akuma: Sa2 and 3 don’t really do much more for akuma.

Dudley: Corkscrew blow gets the shaft, but Rocket is about the same length.

Ibuki: Two SA2’s or Two SA3’s make a difference, but not much.

Makoto: Having SA1 handy is nice. Not much different.

Becomes Worse:

Ken: Shippu’s bar gets longer, less stocks, and his other supers still suck

Urien: Aegis takes longer to charge, doesn’t get beefed up.

Discuss. I’m a scrub pretty much, so I assume my 15 minutes of thought is flawed somewhere.

Also, cancel any move was pretty fun too, since I hate that about 7 characters only get like 3 bufferable moves (Alex, Hugo, 12, Necro, Q, Oro, etc)

I just now started messing around with the direction pages since I never do arcade mode and cancel any normal/special combined with chain combos is just too fun.

Ive been playing 3s for awhile and personally…inspite of how i might get flamed for this…i believe this could in a way balance out certain characters. Its worth a shot to test out…i wont really say im for or agaisnt it untill some group of people decide to see how it will fair in competitive play.

I think Yun will be more broken, I think 2 Genei Jin’s can be comboed into, which is instant kill.

And Ryu with 2 Denjins.

Yeah, flawed since the first line.

But really, making every character broken in an attempt to strengthen or weaken them is a really bad idea. 3S will be a totally different game is the stuff you mentioned was possible. You can’t predict who gets better or worse until the game is played this way for a long time, which isn’t gonna happen. Also, homogenizing the characters (in this case, giving everyone the same meter length and 2 stocks) is really stupid. One of the main aspects of 3S is how each character depends on and uses their meter in different ways because of super selection, meter length, EX moves, etc.

I have my own theories on how to balance 3S but like your idea, people are always going to be afraid of change. Not to mention that with so many limitless options, people will never be able to decide what should be altered, or who should decide in the first place.

You left out Sean? Shame on you, boy. His Hyper Tornado benefits the most with two stocks and his Hadou Burst benefits the least with two stocks and (comparitively) huge bar.

Hugo should become much more versatile and threatening, but his Hammer Frenzy obviously isn’t coming out as often. Gigas with shorter bar and two stocks FTW.

Twelve’s mixup gets better, I guess. I’d love to see someone pull an X-Copy out of their ass and start beasting with Ken or somebody.

I think people like Chun-Li and Gouki benefit the least with sucky supers.

Well Chun, Ken and yun kinda ruin the game anyways…if anything i think its worth trying out. I mean whats the alternative…just being forced to play as either Ken, Chun and Yun for yet another evo. I dont know about u but im just sick and tired of so many games these days being completly destroyed by the top tier"whoring". I mean why cant folks just win by u know…skilful application and tactiful thinking… there is no technique required to player top tiers.

can i turn off the bonus stage??

stop before this turns to another tier debate. You’ll have some people willing to try new things, and people saying “learn how to deal with the top tiers scrubs”. Same shit over and over.

and yun is NOT easy to play btw.

Yeah. That feature’s in the Extra Options, which you get after beating the game with everyone.

Oro and Twelve r way harder…yet the rewards arent even close On that note i think Yang is harder to use as well…Yun is not the safest top tier id probably say.

Actually, this is a debate specifically brought out by people that have these sudden(by sudden I mean every few months someone thinks it’s a good idea, makes a thread, and everyone that plays both ways says gtfo, it’s good for casual) revelations that Sys Dir makes 3S a new game worth playing.

The problem is that there’s so many options you can fiddle with, each one changing a fundamental feature of the original 3 series games, also too many to easily account for without checking before each set of play(you really wanna shift through 10 pages of random options in Sys Dir, then filter through Extra Options just to make sure the bars are all correct for everyone?). Some people like all supers enabled. Some like the juggle limits to be relaxed a bit. Some people like semi-auto parrying(?).

First you’d have to convince everyone this is worth playing(for some characters it ISN’T). Then you’d have to unite under one flag, which will be relatively impossible in a short time because of the issues above. THEN you’d have to get this to pass the test of time. So far, with several attempts every year since the DC version came out, this hasn’t happened. This thread was beyond saving when the starter made it.

As for the

that’s incorrect on either end, because now you have chances for even WORSE shit to appear. Like Ryu Double Denjin combos, a LOT more EXs being tossed around(more Yang safe slashes? yesplz), and a lot dumber combos for 1/3-1/2 your life(MAKOTO). And that’s if you only do the “2 large stocks” thing. I really hope some of you guys were around for some of the previous attempts that were backed up with videos, or that one contest we had on here where James Chen & crew tried fucking with our heads figuring out what was legit(standard settings) and what was “broke”(Sys Dir). It may seem like a good idea, but is it really?

SD was only good for taking Parry out of the game. I would have also liked it if I could take whiff normals for bar out of the game too.

Hahaha, SF2 for life.

You could turn those off in the PS2/XBox versions, there’s a whole other 2 pages of shit to fiddle with, like Backdash cancel off of anything, and superjump cancel off of anything, etc.

if you take out parrying then everyone starts using Denjin Ryu…

Well, since I run tournaments here on the east coast, I know it really isn’t gonna fly as a “serious” way to play. SF scene is WAAAAAY too conservative to do anything like that.

The point of this discussion is just bounce around who benefits the most from this change in system direction. Sorry I missed Sean btw, but two stocks of Hyper Tornado make him much better.

It seems like all supers on really isn’t a so much a matter of “which character benefits the most from having access to all supers” as “which character benefits the most from two stocks”.
The characters that having all supers available is a nice option are Ryu, Makoto, Oro, Q, Alex, Hugo, Sean, Ibuki, Yun, Yang.
Characters that don’t care about it are chun, 12, Remy, Dudley, Ken, Urien, Akuma

So i’m not really advocating “Sys Dir for tourney 3S”. just wondering what would happen.

Other interesting system directions are whiff normal meter building off, cancel any move on, among other things.

It is possible to combo two Tengu Stones. Just s.mp -> EX tengu juggle, then when it finishes chicken combo into ANOTHER EX tengu juggle.

My favorite is the forward dash canceling off of anything. crazy combos. That plus all moves chain gives some characters infinites. Like with chun [cr.lp, cls.mk xx dash] repeat the brackets! haha, Akuma has one too off his hp I think I’m sure there are others.

Twelve would be beast because now you would be able to X-Copy and still do supers and specials.

Ryu would destroy. One combo with all super meters stocked = death. I would think that a system like this would be best for a versus game using the SF3 engine…would make more sense anyways. And damage on supers would have to be toned down or longer times charging the bars stock. Still fun to play 3s different ways, but the likelihood of a tourney every happening is little to none.