3s Team Whales combo video release


Since 2 months from the trailer’s release, the video is finally out…

Hope you all enjoy it!

Please help seed after you finish your download.

Oh boy! I’ve been waiting for this!
Now I have something to watch when I come home tonight.

:pleased: :pleased: :pleased:

Great stuff ol’ gupkage

:wow: you’re…alive?
been awhile, whats good?
(<–formally motoki)

It’s about time you guys released this combo vid. I’ll watch whenever it’s done downloading. :smiley:

Venkat, what kind of encoding did you guys use for the video? It could have been a lot smaller. o_o;

Are you people seeding or what?

Oh hey, yep alive and working.

just running the shop www.capsity.net

and heading back to Japan soon for buisness trip. you?

Also for those that didnt see the vid, watch it now!! :pleased:

fuuuck. totally sick shit. whales=shenanigans. when this shit hits the street i’m gonna lose more fitty yens.


mind shipping some stuff from japan to me? i know i can trust you so thats why i ask.

i’m going to watch the vid when i get home as well as check the site out.

Yo b13 you still makin tutorial videos on cvs2 cause I’ve learned alot from the vids. Just sayin thx for makin them. :tup:

link is dead. file not found

thanks legendary gupkage the 1st :cool: :cool: :cool: !!!

I’ve been waiting for this. :karate:

Yea Motoki, NO problem :pleased: :pleased: .

And About the CvS2 vids, no problem Thank you and Im glad it has helped you :pleased: .

No problem Gupkage the 2nd :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

The torrent doesnt want to download for some reason? Its been stuck at 0% for a couple hours now…

still my h1ro. still azn-anjelz for life. :karate: i’ll contact you soon about what i want, as well as prolly buying something from the site. i collect plushes, hehe.


I was getting a 30kb dl at some points and I used BitComet…so if it doesn’t work, you guys should try BitComet. Best torrent app I’ve used so far.

As for the vid, holee sheeit. That Urien play is top notch…and the Makoto combo at the end…wtf. Editing was good too.

Getting decent speed, 50-60k/s. Need to see this Urien shit.

EDIT: that was a great video.

Good stuff, keep up the great work.