3s teams concept for EVO tournaments

well me and justin were thinking, and this is the frame of the idea-
what if at each of our regional EVO qualifiers, we were to hold a 3s teams with the following rules:

  1. 3v3, single elimination(or double), typical sbo rules
  2. RPS, winner chooses side or reveals opponent’s team order
  3. depending on how the EVO circuit works out this year, we hold qualifiers for each region and leave open a certain amount of slots for “last chance qualifiers” at EVO finals.
  4. pot is collected and held till EVO finals, prizes for top 3 teams

once the dates are announced, justin will make an official thread in the appropriate forums

what does everyone think so far?

mod- this thread is for feedback, it would get alot more here

Last evo east they had a great team tourny to make it as a evo event would be even better. Everyone has a group of friends they love to team up with I know I do :slight_smile: I hope this happens

thats a great idea…alot of cats would get on board

we shoulda thought of this sooner

i dont like how rule #2 sounds since there are terrible matchups in this game.

Stop being a baby. Trying to beat characters with clear advantages is the fun part. Besides if u hit forward and down at the right time you can win with anybody. If you’re not picking YCK…it’s obvious you already better be confident with that character or pick YCK yourself. Nobody picks the lesser characters to counter top 3. It’s just a matter of feeling confident and having fun playing that character. If you complain about a bad matchup…play another game. :lol:

BTW…I am so cool with this idea it’s not even funny. 3S teams is by far the most fun way to play 3S. Beating down scub ass YCK teams FTW.

I want to give kofiend an e-hug.

the matchups are gonna happen eventually but why make it so that it happens to you every time? shit i know i dont wanna play be playing alex vs chun more times than i shouldnt. and so on with other matchups and players. sure it may be fun to win a bad matchup but in a tournament, a big one at that you wouldnt want to be taking those risks that could “be over before it began” type of thing. its just a vote though, if it turns out to be that way then oh well.

Well…considering this is based off of the SBO style 3S team tourney…that’s kinda on you. Zangoef or KSK never go…“well dayum…there’s gonna be like 90 Chuns I’m gonna use Yun”. No…they stick with the character they are known for and proficient with. Matchup is like 8-2 in Chun’s favor but…you either play the matchup or pick a better character. Either that or find strong people to team up with so they can back you up. If your partners are solid they’ll back you up.

Other than that…it’s about being confident with your character. That’s how Aruka OCV’s teams of YCK (or teams consisting of one of the 3) at SBO. He just understands the matchup and works to win the match. You only need to beat each person once any ways. Things get more troublesome in single events where you have to outsmart a YCK player multiple times. Some would say that the first match anyone plays in 3rd Strike is a little random any ways. It’s a lot easier to win with a lesser character in that first match. Least that’s what I think.

Just play that one match like you mean it and you’ll be aight. If you’re using a lesser character…you should already be under the assumption that a lot of other people are going to be using statistically better characters. It’s either you beat them with the character you like or run the top tier train.

Sounds like a great idea to me. And as to the matchups thing… it’s way more about the player than the character. You might have a player of one character who’s best matchup is that character’s counterpick. It’s definitely not a gamebreaking advantage.

Yeah…of all the cast members I’ve gotten to the point where fighting YCK is most comfortable for me. Sure…both Chun and Yun are like 7-3 advantage over Ibuki but there are only a few people that truly force that advantage on me. I’ve played against so much YCK over the last couple years that even playing against good players of those characters has just become comfortable.

I actually get more scared playing people that are adept with lesser characters simply because I have less knowledge of what to do. I have to play more free form than I do vs. the top tier players. Lot of players in the US are real quick to run to the top tier and I think that makes it easier on me to understand how to fight against them. If that’s all anyone uses any ways all you have to do is learn to play against it. It’s pretty much installed in my head the strategies that I use vs. top 3.

Plus…with the way 3S generally plays, parries allow anything to happen. Especially in the first match. The top tiers just yield higher rewards and have better options after successful parries than the rest of the cast. Other than that…it’s just knowing the matchups and your character.

Teams is for fun any ways. Just get a team together and have a good time.

that a great idea. i’m probably never going to evo but i support it anywayz.

Great idea.

My words exactly.

yeah DJ i wasnt complaining about the matchup at all…i know its coming already. im just saying of how often it comes, wouldnt want more unnecessary matchups.

its like theres chun and hugo on a team. if you reveal order and alex goes against chun, when he could have went against hugo, its kinda a let down.

I think this is great not just because it’s fun, but it also negates the 1 game problem. I fully support this. In fact, I’d be happy if this was the main 3s format for EVO.

teams would be dope.

Re: #2, is there some reason why the players use RPS (in other words guessing) instead of having both teams hide their order? Sure, there might be a strategic element involved in ordering one’s team, but letting RPS decide who gets that seems a bit unfair. It’s not like singles where you can change your character after losing.

Re: #4, I wonder if people will trust the holding of their prize money until finals…

The only real way to avoid the matchups is to pick a better character. Playing Hugo and being afraid of being pitted against Chun is all in the same boat. Not confident in your low tier play against the higher cast. If you want the money…pick high tier. If you’re just in it for the fun or want to see if you can prove yourself with a lesser character…pick the one you like. For me any ways…playing against the high tier has become fun. It’s about beating what you’re not supposed to beat. That’s what makes it fun for me. Line all 200 YCK players in a row…I’ll take em all on.

Alex vs. Hugo is fun though.

you said it all my friend :china:

yeah i’ve thought about this myself, i think it would spice up the routinely stale evo 3s tourneys and just generally be more hype imo.

why not post it up in the evo championship threads >.>

3S is much better off as a team game if you ask me. I’m all for this idea.