(3s Teams) Did both of you register on the website?

Yeah…so my partner is now listed in a different pool than I am for 3s teams because we both registered online separately. Wizard says there are no refunds. The website didn’t clearly indicate how the teams were supposed to register. If i was to know already that only 1 of the 2 members needs to register, why didn’t the site ask me for my partner’s name?

I’m just wondering, did anyone else do this?

I guess they figured knowing only one person needed to register for a team tournament made sense. Evo isn’t trying to gouge people’s moneys by asking for 20 per person. Any local or major team tournament always splits up the total cost to enter amongst the players. 3S is only the second biggest game there by a long shot so it just makes common sense to me. They’re not trying to make people pay 20 dollars individually for a game that’s on its way out next year.

It should have been a bit more streamlined as far as what to do but as far as “what’s normal” I’m just going to give my 10 dollars to my partner seeing I’ve already registered for Evo. Which covers me needing to register in order to enter an official Evo tourney. Basically if you’re wearing an Evo badge that’s your ticket to give a registered player 10 dollars to enter with you.

I still remember the year where I pre regged for Guilty Gear teams (30 bucks for 3 people) and ended up having my 3rd partner dip on me. Played one match with just my bro as a 2 man team and lost badly and never played my losers match. :lol:

Yeah i was wondering why it was $20 for me to register for 3s. But it never did indicate that only 1 person out of the 2 needed to register and most importantly, it never asked me for my partner’s name. I found that kinda weird.

Wizard are you sure you can’t refund my partner’s $20? It’s a feature of Paypal after all. I’ll gladly pay for him myself. i know we can’t enter the team tournament twice lol

^lol just consider yourself having two chances to get in DAT MONEY for 3s. It might turn out to be the best investment you’ll ever make.

I wish!!

They did explain how to sign up for 3s.
The team leader is the one that signs up, and the second person on the team simply signs up paying the 30 (early bird) or 50 for the normal sign up. your partner would have to pay you 10 in person to make up for you paying 20 for the team. It was posted up three or four times since a lot of people were confused about this as well so they did their best to clear it up here on the forums.

Since you signed up and he signed up that basically means you both signed up as team captains and have a second spot open. :[
I guess the real question now is, will either of you guys be able to compete since you’re both team captains with no partners.
I’d PM mr wiz directly.

It was posted on the website? That’s just a great example of my ignorance. Or did you mean the forums?

Well my partner would easily forfeit his team to play with me in my pool, or vice versa. Now it’s a matter of the $20, I guess. That gets me a good buffet in vegas.

On the forums.
It’s in the thread that says Evo FAQ Thread. READ FIRST POST BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS! (Updated 7/6/09).
I’ll look for the post hold on.

I only see it asked on the second to last page, it was also explained in another thread repeatedly since people kept asking without looking back a couple of pages. But yes it was on the forums not sure if it was on the actual website itself.

i believe you. I just dont see why that information wasn’t actually posted on the registration site. I guess we lost $20 now?

Unless you guys want to split up and look for new partners…you might be.

I would send Mr.Wiz a PM asap.

Yeah i’d say PM wiz to sort out the team / refund. Only other option is to do what dj said and find two people that are signed up for evo but not for 3s and would want to jump into your teams for 10 bucks.

Thanks for your help, everyone

if any of you come to T10, drinks on me.

c royd, im willing to buy one of your team spots, i didnt register for this game

or if anyone else is in the same position, i’ll buy it off ya

so glad i checked teh forums and asked as many questions possible.:cool:

Gotta say, if it was posted on the forums but not on the actual site, C Royd should definitely get his money back for one of the spots.

Actually since you both registered then you both can play in the tournament twice!!! Get better chances except when it’s your team VS your team :rofl:

If only it were up to you!

Yeah, my partner and I also did the same thing. i did email Mr. wizard he just said only the team captain was only supposed to register. I’m still waiting on a reply about what to do with my spot. i’ll let you know what he tells me about whats gonna happen. i was confused when my partner told me he was in a different pool. i guess we’ll see cause the pools are already made, im guessing it would be hard to redo them. since the majority already has seen their pools

so what if 1 extra person gets a Bye? I just want the $20 back. i know for a fact pay pal is able to credit my friend’s Visa back the $20. Again, it’s not like it said on the registration page that only one of us was supposed to sign up for it.

i hope mr wizard doesnt mind me posting this, but i think it will clear things up for others.

[14:16] n0thinman: oh! i have another question
[14:16] n0thinman: would it be possible to join someones 3s team? though im not currently registered, thats the only game i would plan on participating in, and the team captain already signed the team up
[14:17] Mista Wizard: yes
[14:17] n0thinman: like a late registration thats not signed up for any games, just for the purpose of being a partner
[14:18] n0thinman: was that a “yes?” as in ask me, or a “yes” as in thats possible
[14:19] Mista Wizard: as long as the captain signed up for the team
[14:20] Mista Wizard: he can put whoever on as the other member for 3s
[14:20] n0thinman: even if the other person didnt ever register?
[14:20] Mista Wizard: yes
[14:20] n0thinman: yes! alright thank you very much! i’ll let you get back to what you’re doing

yes! now i get to play :):):):):slight_smile: