3s Tiers


This seems to be a issue right now in this area of SRK.
All these lists of the japanese top tier to low tier shit (even though there 4 of them).
But what do YOU think is top tier to low tiers are in 3s?

This is my List.

01 Chun-Li
02 Ken
03 Yun
04 Urien
05 Dudley
06 Makoto
07 Oro
08 Gouki
09 Ryu
10 Yang
11 Necro
12 Hugo
13 Alex
14 Ibuki
15 Remy
16 12
17 Elena
18 Sean
19 Q

Weird compared to alot of peoples probably, but hey.

I’d like to see what other people think too.


There are so many tier lists on this forum you kinda get sick of it…
a lot of the characters are rather balanced(except for those few exceptions).

It is difficult to make an exact list, but I see the characters catagorized into 3 groups top/middle/bottom tier, anything more I couldn’t give a care.


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Here’s mine



Don’t take offense, I just want your honest opinion.

Why is ryu above ken, why is akuma above ken, and why is remy above makoto?


Why, cause I think Ken is highly overated Ryu is just balanced out and Akuma is just really freakin’ strong plus I prefer the knockdown Hurricane Kick while Akuma’s Aire Fireball gives him some defensive play. While Makoto is just a strange character who needs thinkin’ to onow how to play unlike Remy


hes obviously a noob


If chun was so good, there would be more people playing with her. Ken > Chun.


Um no and at least I dont have sum asshole suck character for an avatar pickin his newest taunt combo outta his ear!


Vampire Savior creates a lot of flame wars around here, so just ignore him. Most of his posts end up just saying “x character sucks because i hate him”. He thinks because he likes a few things about a few characters, it makes them higher in tier. Makoto’s options >>>>> Remy’s. The japanese know their tiers. Tiers are about the character and not the player.

Real players make any character good, so it doesn’t matter. Tiers have already been discussed so many times, it’s disgusting. Basically it ends up saying that Chun/Ken/Yun has the biggest advantage, Makoto/Urien/Dudley/Oro are close, and everybody else is pretty well balanced. But hell, it’s a pretty damned balanced game, so it doesn’t really mean anything. Most tourney players will just pick one of those aforementioned characters just to make those 50/50 situations slightly in their favor, and I don’t blame 'em. If you’re in a tournament, you’re going for the wins, not the esteem of playing Sean.

Edit: if you actually DO win consistently with Sean or 12, you immediately earn my respect, though. :wink: …and no, not against the computer. Against DECENT comp.


Ya since he really hurt my feelings by making fun of my avatar, I wonder what he would say if I didnt have one…kinda make him look stupid.

PS. ur still a noob