3S Tips + Notes/Rants For Getting Better

I wrote this note on 3S on Facebook a while back, and was thinking to share it on the forum here. I figure if I share this here, people might be able to talk more about tips, info, etc that they’ve learned and can pass on to better the 3S community as a whole. This note was leaning towards tips to going past an average player to something better. Hope this note is helpful. Lates~

About getting Better

Well basics aside(how to do moves, combos, execution, spacing, zoning, mindgames, etc) the best advice I can give for players trying to get better is this:

I feel its important for all people to understand that every attack in third strike is a risk. When you commit to an attack, you’re committing to everything that attack can cause: (a high damage combo? a small weak poke? your opponent doing a fast/high priority move and beating your move? your opponent parrying your move and punishing it?)

NOTE: (Actually…I daresay that every ACTION in third strike is a risk but I’ll keep the advice to just attacks for now for simplicity, but it can be applied to other things like walking, jumping, parries, throws, etc.)… See More

But even though every attack is a risk, so is not attacking. When you don’t attack at all you open yourself to whatever the opponent wants to do. This will leave you uncertain of what to do or how to react.

So, since its risky to attack, but death to not attack. You have to find a middle ground. The middle ground (I believe) is giving every attack a purpose.

Meaning, when you do x, y, z move. You’re not doing it just to do it. You’re not just pressing buttons to have something happen or see your character do some cool animations. Your choices should have purposes behind them.

For example:

You’re Ken and your opponent is Ken. You both have meter but he’s in the corner. You’re pressuring him. You move back carefully and start to dance in and out of the range for c. mk. for you and your opponent. He c. mk’s and whiffs, you c. mk back and super him.

The reason this would work is because everything you did to get that c. mk had a purpose. You realize that he wants to(and often does) c. mk for super. So you carefully move out of the range of the move. You also knows that since he’s in the corner he’ll…want to get out of the corner. You know this and tease your opponent and make him wonder exactly where you are position wise. Through frustration and pressure, you force him to make a decision to commit to the c. mk, despite the risk. He misses and you punish appropriately.

With giving moves purpose though, you can’t generalize…you have to examine your opponent. Everyone plays different. Even though there are “rules” for “matchups”… they’re not everything. That level of understanding is very weak actually, because when it boils down to it…you’re still fighting another human being.

Not every Ken will play the same, despite the character being the same. Some Kens will know that you are baiting out that c. mk and do something completely different without hesitation, like dash, or jump in or just carefully walk up. But those actions from your opponent would have risks too, because you might be able to react to it, or see it coming, or be inside of your opponents head while he’s trying to be in yours.

This high level thinking of: “I-know-what-he-knows-and-he-knows-what-I-know-so-I-will-know-something-above-what-he-thinks-I-know” is what makes high level third strike. Very few people play like that here in the US I think. I’ve only done it a few times myself, but I think that’s what the true essence of third strike is: thinking.

Finally, the last piece of advice I’d give to anyone who wants to get better is to learn from EVERY-SINGLE-MATCH. From a high level pro to a little nub, learn from everyone. It’s not enough for the top side of your screen to say 1 WIN or 14 WINS or even to lose your whole wallet full of cash to someone. The whole entire time you win or lose you should be learning.

Ask yourself: Why did this move work? Why did this move not work? Why did my opponent hit me? Why did my opponent get hit? Why did I win offensively and why? Where am I getting hit on my defense and why?

If you get hit from a wake up srk from a “scrub” don’t leave it there with you saying “OH THIS SCRUB DOESNT kNOW WHAT HE’S DOING”: that just limits YOU. Figure out what made him think that he could SRK you. Then next time if the situation arises, adapt and punish. At that point you’re in control and you’ve adapted.

Or…if you face something your opponent is doing that seems “unbeatable”…look at it objectively and try to think outside of the box and find a solution. Once you find that solution, don’t stop there either; find another solution.

In summation, the advice I’m giving is:

a) Give every attack a purpose.
c) Learn from every match.
d) Be willing to think outside of the box and try different things.

Sorry for the essay, but I hope this advice will be able to help anyone who reads it. Take care everybody and keep on playing~!

I thought you quit 3S for Modern Warefare 2.

Good ideas though

hey Blaq did you include what i suggested in order to improve a lil something from this note or should i just put it here instead

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stop trynna sell those sexy ass hands lloyd :bgrin:
and reggie…u sir epitomize the role of what a community changing player is supposed to assume…thanx for the read…

Good writeup. I think the toughest part of this game to master is (aside from Parrying) the Wakeup game. There’s so much there you have to keep in mind: Meaties can interrupt specials, but EX specials can beat some meaties, Grabs can beat all of those, Supers can beat grabs, or you can jump or block or Parry. Quite the mind bender all things considered.


i read the whole thing i hope it helps me,and wow everyone lives in NY

yup come to cf

I got a real good one.


That’ll improve your game by llke x100000

yes thats correct

Also consider when and WHY you might want to parry something. Whenever I’m using Mak or Yun I turn a bit parry happy because I feel like I can make up for mistakes with them. Whenever I play Twelve I hardly go for parries because I won’t get much out of it unless I can guarantee at least like 30% off a super.

With yun you dont want to be parry happy, you’re better off dealing as much damage and not put yourself in a situation like that since he takes more damage than others, then once you’re life starts to deplete all the other factors come in (opponents life, super, your super, match up, tendencies, final round, etc…)

its best to parry when you’re sure you’ll be safe afterwards or able to counter

Makoto all you need is one parry and you’re on the offensive…dont really need to be parry happy with her either in that scenario

1st post, nominated. :bgrin: Good read.

Some people have an unbreakable bond with that. I’ve had a streak of playing people who ONLY standing parry when I use Yang.

I thought well-timed meaties beat wake up grabs… ?

they do, he just needs clarification on his info

the only players who try to parry everything are the players who dont play enough

I try to parry everything in non serious matches because you’ll eventually have to parry on occasion in serious matches to avoid tick damage.

I try not too dash forward or stick out pokes as much in the beginning of the match too see whats up.

'Hell…I think there’re still reversals we haven’t yet found, but sometimes you can tell when you can reversal something :stuck_out_tongue: There are many exceptions to the otherwise solid “rules” of the game. Some command grabs beat supers…even NORMAL grabs. Some supers can get stuffed too, of course (Chun). Range is often the culprit.

Should we expand on this with match analysis? Watch a sample vid and say what we woulda tried in the same situation? What I find VERY interesting is watching a match and thinking ‘Gee, I KNEW player 1 was going to do that. Was it so obvious a choice that player 2 really didn’t expect it (was overanalyzing)?’ Do you ever see something that you think is an accident but it’s a glitch or you didn’t know it could work? Do you ever see someone do something you knew could be possible but for some reason NEVER would have expected, so you think you would ‘fall for it’ just as the victim of the attack fell for it? I was just thinking about this yesterday and some online gamer friends were giving me advice about what they would do during my matches in the same situations :stuck_out_tongue: 'GOTTA LOVE mix-ups and mind games in 3S…

asking questions like this while watching videos is what ppl need to do more often

personally, when i watch videos, i break down every lil situational part of what caused a win and what caused a loss and then attempt to understand why approach A was taken instead of approach B and how the match boiled down to the decision between those 2 approaches in the first place

kinda like sudoku in which your missing few numbers but need to be careful that you dont guess, and dont repeat a number, otherwise you mess up the whole thing