3S Tips + Notes/Rants For Getting Better

HEY bro…did you just look at my sig?, cos you made a sudoku ref LOL :smiley: When I can’t PLAY (no one available to play), I thrive on match analysis like we’re suggesting. I found some of those recent hatena matches from that website very instructive (inadvertently, perhaps) in showing me how to use Ibuki and Ryu, for instance. I look for those moments during a live or recorded match when something confusing and/or awkward happens, and then try to find out if another glitch has been discovered, or if the confusion was EVER resolved. For instance, 2 characters trade hits in 1 case, but in what appeared to be the SAME situation with the same characters, yet at a different time, 1 character’s poke seems to outprioritize the other’s poke. Sometimes I need a break from playing AND analyzing, but it never TRULY gets dull LOL…

Noticing the subtle things increases overall skill. I was watching 5-star play Ken and seeing how he utilizes dashes as a form of baiting. Dashes are underrated.

Players need to remember that any play style should be respected if it produces a win. If I want turtle with Q and it works, then quit hating and learn how to deal with. First sign of a scrub is they want you to play their fight and if you don’t everything is cheap. How is it competitive play if you do what the opponent wants?

I think people still love 3s so much is because it’s abundant in mind games and the parry system adds to it. Other fighting games are very straightforward like SF4 and Turbo. Understand the matchups/options and zone as much as you can whereas 3s there are so many play styles that have to be adapted to as well as projectiles are not nearly as relevant as they are in Turbo. 3s feels like a boxing match, Turbo feels like a shootout.

actually i didnt, i just happen to have been doing Sudoku puzzles while i wrote that lol

100% pure awesome :cool:

This was a damn good read. Learning from every match is very important, it’s something I forget to do often. When I’m playing someone who’s doing a lot of random shit I know he doesn’t mean to do I tend to forget everything and just get annoyed. Keeping in my mind that I need to learn something from every match will help keep that under control.