3s Tournament Will Use PS2 Anniversary Collection

Exhaustive testing by top US players Paul Lee, Mopreme, and Kumai has confirmed that the upcoming 3s in Anniversary Collection for PS2 is arcade perfect. All the links, unblockables, and combos from the arcade version are in the PS2 version.

In light of this, we are switching the tournament from superguns to PS2. This is great news – we’ll have an arcade perfect tournament and you guys can play on your own favorite stick.

:: patiently waits for complaints to start rolling in::

good thing i didn’t sell my ps2 MAS stick yet…

Complaints? hell no! This is only good news (I mean it being arcade perfect, I ain’t going to evo or anything), at last a console version where my Urien unblockables will work, muhahahaha!!!

Shame it wont be coming out in europe though, ah well I will just have to get an import… or a copied version:)

will you guys use the japanese version or the US version? because videogames.com says the US version comes out 07/27/2004, which is only like a day before evo.

just wondering

US version.

well there’s nothing to complain about ‘yet’. The complaint should be that it they made it arcade perfect, but we’re backwards like that =P.

man oh man, There’s something really good that’s about to be posted…

Kamui and I haven’t told anyone we had the game, so I’m not sure how anyone found out. But since everyone apparently knows now, let me just warn you that it is an early build of the game. I only played it for about 20 minutes so far just to test some obvious arcade features such as unblockables and speed/timing issues. So far it seems to be pretty on point with the arcade, but I would have to actually play it more in actual matches to see if any nuances or ps2 only gameplay issues arise. Already I have noticed that the hit sound effects are different. Who knows what else could be different in this version. It may turn out to be an almost exact arcade perfect version. But it is too soon to tell in my opinion.


20 minutes = exhaustive testing

After you start to believe that Console Nationals could be anything but the worst idea in the history of tourneys, anything’s possible.


Thank you for clearing that up. Keep it on super guns please.

all i’m saying is, if he’s only played it for 20 minutes, how is that exhaustive testing? So keep it on super guns until it’s beenf ully determined whether it’s good enough.

so when did Paul Lee play it? is he in Texas for the weekend or does he have his own copy?

pyrolee should play it big time to see if all the yun GJ combos still work and the timing is the same.

i’m confused

it says paul did some exhaustive testing too. So that probably means “he talked to mopreme for 5 mins”

I have a great idea. Croyd, Thongboy, and the other whiners who don’t think a console tournament is worth going to…don’t go!

But history is stacked against you. Let’s review, shall we?

**Evo2k3 GGXX (console!) **
Result: Top seeded players make final 8. #1 seeded player wins. No technical problems!

ECC 9 CvS2 (console!)
Result: Top players place 1-3. #1 player wins. No technical problems!

Evo 2k3 3s (arcade)
Result: Top players make final 8, but there are numberous stick problems in key matches, most noteably Ricky Ortiz vs. Daigo.

Holy shit, console tournaments are just as accurate at determining a winner as arcade! And they have fewer problems too? Wait, that can’t be right…that would mean that all the anti-console whining is just a lot of hot air. That would NEVER happen on SRK, would it?

XX scene is very comfortable with console it has seemed, much unlike the SF crowd. ECC finals were on Arcade.

It seems a little early to jump the gun for a version that will have been out 1-2 days(IF it even gets released on time) and has been fully tested for 20 minutes.

There are people of the XX scene that dont like console but hey what can we do theres no need to cry abuot it theres really nothing that much different

Ink you forgot to mention the time saved in running console tournaments because you don’t have to switch cabinets for the Japanese players. In addition, it’s much easier to get more setups for each game. Time saved = round robin pools! The casual player gets to play more matches. The top player has a smaller chance of getting upset early.

 And definitely don't forget to mention best 2 of 3 for CvS2.

If you keep complaining they’re going to put it on PC’s with the DC emulator that crashes every 45 seconds.