3s Tournament will use Super Guns (FINAL ANSWER!)

Don’t shoot me,

Due to the release date slip of SF Anniversary Collection, we are moving the 3s tournament back to Super Guns. This is the absolute last change of format. It’s on the guns, period.

If we can’t scrounge up enough 3s boards, the 3s qualifying pools will be double elim brackets instead of round robin. If you can help out by providing a board or a supergun, please e-mail MrWizard at mrwizard@shoryuken.com.

You sure you don’t want to phone a friend on this one? Maybe even ask the audience?

N - Teehee.


So this is why 3s has fewer pools than XX and ST?

The schedule was made when we thought we would have 8 PS2s. It may change as a result of this.

Tight the SuperGuns Except Dreamcast sticks right. I want to use my green monster if I can.

Sweeet! 3s fans should be rejoicing:)

Ink:if you haven’t already, hit up Mikemenace(aka Mike Burke). He used to have both the supergun along with 3s and sticks. He may be able to donate. He’s hella down for the 3s scene.


Well How many boards do u need? We only have a Japanese board here.

I assume you’ll have converters for people with DC sticks but is it possible for someone to wire up a stick that’ll work natively with the supergun to avoid any lag caused by converters?

Clean out your pm box…

For those that are interested I’m pretty sure that I can wire up a cable that you can open up your Sega/Age dreamcast joystick and plug it straight into a Supergun to make it work.

Youll have to unscrew it and swap cables and then swap it back everytime you want to go from Supergun to Dreamcast though.

There would be no Coin button though.

PM me if interested. It’s sorta simple but will take a little work.