3s tourney in concord/p-hill 7/29 saturday

(Just reposting in accordance to someone’s suggestion)

So it’s going down, a Street Fighter III: Third Strike tournament at the cafe Mocha Boba. It’s across the street from Diablo Valley College. All are welcome, it will be $5 per entry, the winnings will be split 70/20/10. People that are attending are encouraged, but not mandatory, to buy drinks from the cafe. It would be much appreciated and would increase the chances of having biweekly or even weekly tournaments.

It will be played on PS2 console, so you can bring your own sticks/controllers. Just no turbo buttons, etc. People who are to attend, please post in this forum, thank you.

Date: Saturday 7/29
Time: Signups start at 12:00pm, casuals will be played until 2pm when the tourney starts
Where: Cafe Mocha Boba (exact address will be posted tomorrow, it’s in Pleasant Hill/Concord area).
Rules: Standard tourney console rules, no Gill, 2/3 matches. If any issues arise, we will go by evo rule standards (i.e. press pause during match).

Delete the old one. And yeah i’ll show you how to run the tournament before hand. Do you have brackets?

Address to DVC:
321 Golf Club Road, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Coming from sac, vallejo or fairfield:
While on 680 take the concord avenue exit, and turn left at the light. Keep straight until you see a gas station and a 7-11 and then take a right. That should be golf club road. Park in the safeway parking lot. The cafe should be right there.

people from san jose:
4: Merge onto I-880 N toward OAKLAND. 9.4 miles Map
5: Merge onto MISSION BLVD / CA-262 E toward I-680 / SACRAMENTO. 1.5 miles Map
6: Merge onto I-680 N toward SACRAMENTO. 38.3 miles Map
7: Take the WILLOW PASS ROAD exit- EXIT 51. 0.2 miles Map
8: Turn LEFT onto WILLOW PASS RD. 0.3 miles Map
9: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto CONTRA COSTA BLVD. 0.6 miles Map
10: Turn LEFT onto GOLF CLUB RD. 0.4 miles Map
11: Make a U-TURN at TEMPE CT onto GOLF CLUB RD. <0.1 miles Map
12: End at 321 Golf Club Rd
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523-1529, US

For you people taking mass transit:
Get on bart
Go to the concord station
take the 110 to DVC(check http://www.cccta.org/wb/ for scheduling information)

Ephin Magic, Is Kyo allowed in 3rd Strike?
I’ll go…
I guess I can represent DVC…

doubt this even get 10 people…


but all the easier to win then or something.

I’ve met Eph at School, He’s pretty good.

If not for the tourny, it’s still cool to go and meet people to play with that are nearby.

I dunno if anyone who goes to DVC knows this but we use to hold games in the Recreation room everyday and i’m that kid with the Tekken 5 joystick.

Come on, you know you want to show up and take our money. I’ll even money match you.

lintrix is a money taker now? Hmm lets see him get some of mine hehehe(now to find a ride…)

I’ll come

hey is there going to be room for another TV for casual play? I was thinking about bringing a small tv for 3s, cvs2, marvel, or slash(if Miz wants to bring it).

dont think so, theres just the one flat screen.

How many heads will there be approximately attending this event, I can bring like 3 heads

this is shinobi
If I had to make a random guess, probably around 8-10. it’s free money though and a quick drive from san jose.

I might go and bring like 3 heads also.

umm great…im better on console, so maybe i have a chance against joe "urien " leeeeeeeee

Joe, call me up nigga. Let’s carpool bitch. =D


It’s not free money for lintrix anymore.

Sure isn’t:lovin:

Just my friends alone is almost 10 people, then there are you guys on SRK.com, then theres the random Japanese people that saw the 7 flyers I posted up there at the cafe (90% of the people that go there are Japanese foreign excange students). So that should be at least 15 people, but I won’t be surprisded to see like 20.

i think it got more than 10 people now.
remember it’s console so be sure to bring your sticks or controllers.