3s: urien newbie here

hey, ihave been playing team shoto (mostly ryu) for third strike for a long time now. It’s been kinda annoying cuz i play my cousin and he always pissess me off with a mirror match… Ive searched the forums for awhile and found absolutely nothing, can any of you people help me here to learn urien? i would appreciate it a lot

Best place to start is AdverseSolutions’ and SlimX’s Urien FAQs at Gamefaqs.com (in that order). Hell, that’s where I started, and now look what happened.


sounds good, i appreciate it.

i couldnt find the one made by adversesolution but il look at hte slimx one

Ah, mes apolos. He posted it as “JRogers”. Kooky people and their really-real world names.


I mention Jon by real name and SRK handle in the intro of my guide and tell people to read his first, so bvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvp.

slim’s faq is overrated. just watch 20gb of urien videos and break a mas stick. you’ll be at his level


uhh…naw…man slim’s faq helped me a lot, i basic know everything i need to know, time for me to practice and hit the arcades. I can’t find match videos with urien though some im kind of lost in that area. Conceptually, i know my shit :). thanks a bunch Thongboy bebop and slimX