3s - USA vs JPN 5v5 - part 3?

Just curiousity thread… nothing official so dont flame me please… I just want to know over the years past what people thinks thats all…

**IF **they had another one who do you think would most likely have a chance at making the team for both USA and JPN (with no same characters on each team, i.e. no chun, chun or yun, yun on one team)

my preference would be:
pyro, amir, emphy, valle, kofiend for USA

nuki, ko, rx, deshikenKFG, kuroda for JPN (i know some of these foos dont come to evo but IF they did)


pyrolee 20

amir 16

ken-i 14

yi 5star 10

emphy NAPS 9
victoly 9

valle 6
justinwong 6
hungbee 6

hsien 4
dagger g 4

fatbear 3
kofiend 3
Frankie3s 3

renic 2

(sorry eks not from usa… or is he?..)
vinny murana
ed ma

SIMPLY_HUGO would definetly make the team!

Na i really dont know…

US = People that are gonna die

Japan = anyone.

I got lazy.

team usa would clearly be me kofiend exodus fatbear and we’d draft eks from aussie land


even if it did happen…Valle, Pyro, Amir, Justin, Hungbee

thats chun, chun :wgrin:

pyro amir emphy kofiend sextaro

ok my for real team would be pyro hsien justin vic play for last spot

I thought most 5 on 5s allowed for same characters…

Doesnt matter, this probably wont happen anyway.

in reality they would this is just his fantasy rule

Not sure if this is a good idea… unless America wants to get embarrassed again. :frowning:

yeah i know… kinda SBO style kinda thing… cuz same characters just… kills of boredom…

actually me and r3ko were talking and we’re trying to see if a us vs uk can get set up in various games depending on who is coming

if it were up to me the teams would be made up of rookies or rising stars. to be honest, i’m tired of watching these guys play. they just don’t “wow” me anymore. i mean yeah, sure they’re some of the best players out there, but shit man, it’s the same stuff over and over. don’t get me wrong, i’ve learned tons from them all, but let’s throw a fuckin wrench in the system.

hear me out before you guys send shit my way. let’s correlate this idea to boxing. professional boxing is quite uneventful. these guys in the ring have a lot to lose, so they take their time, play the clock. they wait to strike. they don’t wanna get hurt, or worse lose their pride. amature boxing on the other hand is totally different. these guys have nothing to lose. these are the guys who are hungry. these are the fuckers who leave everything in the ring. these guys don’t sit and wait, they make shit happen.

i say, let’s see what they’ve got.

we’d put an all alex team.

something like

dander, PVFP, renic, sanchez, and me to anchor.


but the professional boxers are better thats why they’re amateurs why would we want to watch the not as good get scraped if the top guys aren’t doing that well either

Justin (ken), Amir(chun), Pyro(yun), Kofiend(yang), Emphy(urien)

Kuroda (anyone), KO (Yang), Nitto/Boss (Yun), Nuki (Chun), Kokujin (Dudley)

would be the best teams in my opinion

It also depends on who comes out this year. Last year only like 3 or 4 Japanese 3S players decided to come out to Evo. There really weren’t even enough Japanese players there for a 5 man team. They would have had to borrow someone from another game just to round out the team. There were rumors that more Japanese players like Thanatos and RX were going to be there, but obviously left at rumors and Nuki, Tokido, KSK and Ino are the only real 3S players I remember there. 2k6 it was like all of them (except Ino I think) + 4 other Japanese Yun players (Mester, Nitto, Yakkun and Issei), The BEAST and Zangoef (probably the 2nd most popular Alex player to KSK). I think Raoh too…can’t remember now though. If you wanted to see a top Japanese player in person…2k6 was the year to do it without ever needing to leave the country.

So IF they had another one I would hope more Japanese 3S players come out this year. Not saying that this is exactly how it went down, but I think with understanding that the money was gonna be pretty free they didn’t decide to send as many players down last year. Which makes sense if you know you’re gonna win 5,000 dollars for your country with only 3 or 4 people as opposed to bringing out a ton and paying more for airfare and all of that. Japanese players always split their money amongst each other from what I know. I’m sure there were other issues (maybe SBO, other tourneys etc.) as well. Less Japanese players and single match rules I think made things more interesting for the US players (both in good and bad ways), but I really would have liked to see more Japanese players just for the sake of that extra talent being at the tournament. Hopefully that’ll happen this year…5 man tourney or not. 2k6 would have been a great year for an epic 5 on 5 on the big screen. Unfortunately the only epic side event we got was an MVC2 event. A really really awesome MVC2 event…but we could have done something real nice with 3S too.

I guess I’m looking at it at a more “what’s likely to happen” approach but yeah. If I were to pick who to be on the Japanese 5 man team it would be filled with top players of random ass characters like Pino and Azuma. :lol: US…don’t really matter to me. It’s easy to pick a good team for the US since it’s pretty easy to tell who’s at the top in the US in 3S any ways.

if we’re talking dream team i would like to see rx jiro nitto mov sugiyama

I would like to see

Pyro, Valle, Wong, Hung bee and Devil Jin


Jiro, Thanatos, J, Ko and Rx