3s Vids from KSK's Gamer's Vision

This video is of their most recent tournament featuring the top 8 players.

You’ll need bittorrent to download these. Links to all that good stuff on his site.

Be a nice guy a seed at least twice what you d/l.

gotta put this on the news…

nice find


can never have enough 3s vids

Forgive me for my stupidity, how do you seed? I’m a newbie on bit torrent.

Just leave the torrent run when you’ve finished downloading it. When you upload you’re seeding.

Just leave the window open after the download completes.

it’s be impossible for everyone to seed twice what they d/l :pleased: Thanks for the find though. Also when are you gonna get on GFB, i need to get those g-up vids!!! I’ll trade you the TK4 vids that i never got a chance to give to you for those, that’s if you still haven’t gotten them. :tup:

Thanks for the torrent vid…I’ll seed as much as possible…later.


Good lookin out DBA
I’ll keep seeding after its done… :tup:

is the torrent still working for everyone? I get an error saying “urlopen error unknown url type:udp”

edit: nevermind. I followed the site’s advice and used bitcomet instead. I like the interface :smiley: I’ll seed, too, when it’s done

Nice vid. Good find. Some damn nice yun action.

Damn that download was fast. Seeding now.

Can’t play file on WMP, DiVX, or RealPlayer. Anyone know what codec this is running on?

err it runs on WMP

great action on this vid and the commentary is crazy akuma fucked up urien(i think)no ryu action though

yang wooooped kens ass

good dl dont be green SEED THAT SHIT

so the yun player won right?

400k/s woot.

What version of WMP? I’m on 10.

I’m running it fine on WMP10…

Is there a list matchups? Or at least which player is which color?

nm, I just redownloaded and it works. thx anyway.

grey urien,blue yang,that akuma, and i think both yuns = ko = winner
i’m not sure if the red hat yun was him though

so yun won right?