3S WC vs EC

Anyone wanna see if East Coast has improved overall in 3S? I do. I don’t even know who exodus or shinshay or any of those guys are. Make your own team if you want, doesn’t have to be the top 8 that qualified. I talked to some WC players and they are down and I’m sure we can easily get enough people together.

I’m thinking 5-8 man teams since 8 was the qualifying number, round robin style. Someone from EC respond. Issei or whoever. :rofl:

EDIT: Is there any plans for a US vs Japan 3S this year?

i’m up for it

I’m down for whatever.

lol why even do this

ec sucks at 3s

jal graced everyone but justin and he doesn’t even play that shit



Well regardless, I still think that this would be fun.

sure it’d be fun for you guys playing but i doubt it’d be worth watching on the big screen thats prime fatburger/snakes on a plane time

I’m sure this match would be more enjoyable to watch since the audience is mostly American - plus the ‘trash talk’ has hyped things up a lot. Not that I have anything against wc in the least, but I would like to see if Exo can shut some people up…

If anything, its boring to watch the Japs owning all the US players. No offence intended. At least the EC VS WC matchup will be more even and therefore enjoyable to watch.

Just my tuppence…

um…i’d rather watch u.s. vs japan.

not going to happen… if mvc2 is not having a ec vs wc, why do you guys think 3s will? too much crouching and pecking if you ask me :slight_smile:

At least people around the world can watch 3s :wink:

because people that like slow games would love it… slow is universal fun while games on speed only certain people can handle… .I could care less if it does or doesn’t happen, fact of the matter is, the mvc2 ec/wc isn’t going to happen because 2 factors, 1 is we don’t know what the DEFINITE teams would be. That pretty much only applies to mvc2, but another reason that does apply to 3s is the time factor.

Thats the thing with ec/wc deals, is the time factor and because the evo staff puts sooooooo much time into planning… x-ney on the hotel :slight_smile: * but most of the time, it seems to me they bend over backwords and touch their toes to make this the best experience known to gamers out there, IMO.

Back to the time factor, we can squeeze only so many games and finals into one afternoon/night… plus, who knows, NKI might have ANOTHER presentation… or another street fighter movie with bad english rofl

Doesn’t have to be on the big screen. I was thinking more along the lines of on a console. I WISH we could do it on a cabinet but oh well.

If EC guys get a team together, post up your team. WC will put up a team to match you guys numbers wise. 5 is probably the best so it won’t take forever.

put some money up and make this worth something at least…

50-200 dollars a head. Make it a real 5 on 5

how about wc/ec/tx 5 on 5 team round robin/knock off style $1 per person winner takes all.



I wouldnt really call this ec vs wc[tx] its more like one group from the wc vs one group from the ec. Only reason I say that because your telling people to pick a team for the ec and there really is no definitive way to do that so just pony up money from 2-3 diff groups and have at it

I was just going to do this for fun but if you wanna give us your money, ok! 20 bucks a person is probably kinda steep for some people but I’m down for it. Let’s just say 100 bucks per 5 man teams?

Post up your teams so I can see if this is actually going to go anywhere.


where’s mike “TEAM USA” watson at

Oh yea just like that mvc2 5on5 that happend at ecc :rolleyes:

I like hsien idea to be honest good to see that your alive =)