3S with tag would be awesome

3S plus tag would be fuckin sick. It would add more depth, variety, and strategy to an already awesome game. Do it Capcom!


what? gtfo

i think he means mvc team style.

that would be fucking horrible.

So I guess no one agrees with this suggestion? I’m just saying that having tag as an option would add some excitement to matches. 2 vs. 2 tag matches more in the vein of KoFXI or NGBC, not MvC. I’ve owned and played the game for about five years now, and I just think that it would add some variety.

Or people could grow some balls and play someone other than Ken.

"Scrubing it up"

that is all.


F*** Y** to whoever called me an ‘09 douche’. I’m not one of those people that jumped on the fighting game bandwagon when SF4 came out. I’m 26 and I’ve been playing fighting games ever since SF2 came out in 91. And I probably own more fighting games than you sucka. Look at my post in the 2D fighting collection thread to see what I have.

All I wanted to do with this thread was start some decent discussion on what adding tag to SF3 would offer. But I guess I’m the only one that think that SF3 would be more exciting with tag.

Don’t think tag body spray will do much to 3s…

I’m scrub and proud. :bgrin:

uhmm…no… 3s is good enough already :smiley:

Your suggestion is like a kid drawing whiskers on the Mona Lisa. On one hand he could draw the best whiskers ever drawn, while on the other hand we would only end up with a ruined masterpiece that no one would dare look at. It’s just not worth the risk.

why the hell do people STILL have this misconception that just because a character is upper tier it means they are easy to use/learn.

ken is all about fundamentals.

My post was addressing the problems with character diversity which the OP brought up. I’m sorry that all the ken players are crying now because of a perfectly reasonable observation. If you want more character diversity…then maybe pick someone else besides, Ken!

had to be an 09’…

this idea is really stupid. Tag in 3s would be ridiculous

With that said, I’d play it. I’d still think it was stupid, though.

if you play x-copy 12 those combos are already like a tag style game. THREESIES IS ONE STEP AHEAD OF EVEN YOU 09!

what, as in 2vs2? now instead of chun vs yun, yun vs yun and chun vs chun we can have chun and yun vs chun and yun!


They should add the SBO elimination lobby system for online play. The winner stays on, and if he gets eliminated, your teammate plays, and so on. KOF12 has this.