3S worth wathing tutorial videos (not random matches nor basic stuff)

Hello, guys! I’m new to SFIII 3S and I’m trying to learn intermediate and advanced stuff, but about 98% of the videos I watch aren’t worth watching at all. I can only find random matches (why the hell people insist to upload mediocre matches?) and repetitive basic stuff about kara, cancel and combos - no zoning, mixups and strategic or advanced stuff. I can’t find good tutorial videos, and I swear I’m trying very hard. Could you please share your favorited video links and youtube channels (if there is any)?

Go here: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheShend

Look no further.

Read this, this will help better your game in any fighting game.

Find a player that plays your main character and watch many (and I mean a lot) of their videos, and slowly try to emulate their patterns and tactics. Troubleshoot in training mode and in real matches. Your main character will have seriously leveled up within a few months.

Read frame data for your character so you know what is safe and is not safe to throw out. Learn safe jumps and counter hit setups. Always hit confirm. When playing sets against opponents, discover patterns about your opponents and exploit them. Learn to play mind games. Make your opponent wary of pushing buttons, and then throw them.

Play 3S on supercade as well (higher level play compared to XBL/PSN) and always ask for tips during/after your matches. You will be surprised how many people will give you a complete run down of your game, what you can improve on, and give you personal secrets to your character. Be wary that not all people will, but the vast majority will gladly help you out.

If you play XBL, I will gladly help you out. I main Akuma so I won’t be able to help you out with character specific stuff but I can give you many tips to improve your game and win more matches. I’m by no means a pro player but any help is better than no help :smiley:
XBL: TheBlackHombre

No, there’s no point in this when you don’t understand what you are doing. Actually learning something and understanding what happens and why is different from just doing something you saw on a video.

Haha, no, play on GGPO (hint: Karnov’s Revenge room) if you want something that actually works and has many good players.

What Aku said. Just watch good match videos. Other than that you should play the cpu with a specific objective. Something like “I want to always punish with xyz combo when I am able to” or “i’m going to always anti-air using jab”

setting very specific objectives for yourself will help you learn the ins and outs of your character’s moves very quickly. focusing on being able to consistently punish will develop your confidence and allow you to better identify the moments when you can punish.

There’s a lot of knowledge involved but all of that knowledge can be learned through play experience. Which will develop your overall feeling for the game, your execution and your knowledge at the same time. Watching videos is good as long as you are watching for specific things. Begin watching thinking about things like “How do these strong players deal with jump ins? How do they build offense? How do they avoid throws and create space?”

If you just play and watch you will get better but not nearly as quickly as if you go in with a specific intention and something you want to achieve.

edit: http://ensabahnur.free.fr/Baston/index.php?page=gameChars&gameNum=20&gameName=Street%20Fighter%20III%20Third%20Strike

that’s ESN’s reposting of frame data for the game. also lists what is cancellable and such. if you’re unsure if it’s the game or just your execution it is useful to check and be sure. and if you have no idea on something, good to clarify.

eh, I main Akuma and I watched a lot of JR’s videos and it taught me the ranges and how to connect normals into a demon flip throw, common mixups and counter hit setups, and just how to have a safe offense against better opponents. i would suggest it since I picked up Akuma with no knowledge on how to play him and now have a pretty nasty Akuma in my opinion.

Yeah I know about Karnov’s room but never tried it. There is no denying that Supercade has a good amount of people and are all better than the people on XBL/PSN. I learned a lot from playing people on there, and I give a lot of credit to them for leveling up my Akuma to what it is now.

**OP if you do play on GGPO or Supercade, be sure to disable Aero or put your computer into “windows classic mode” so you won’t have any input lag **(you only need to do this on Win 7; XP and Vista don’t have this problem)

Those are great source of information guys, thank you very much!

TheBlackHombre, could you suggest me a top player whose main character is Ken? (I gave up Remy, he is too weak and easy to beat)

Unfortunately I don’t have a XBOX, but I play a lot in Supercade and GGPO (Karnov) always I can, my nick is “_renatov”.

Oh, and if someone has another source of information to add, please go on :]

Deshiken, Matsuken, Hirai, Keeper, Roku, Chinta, Nuki, Kuroda. These are some of the more recognizable Ken players(Deshiken’s considered the best though), but there are a LOT out there.

watch this


OP you can lock the thread now. All the info we need is here.

I think it helps even if you’re watching videos passively and aren’t really studying them. At the very least you can learn new combos, setups and punishes.

I agree about the combos, but c’mon … there are not THAT many combos in this game.
You won’t even recognize setups if you’re just passively watching a vid.
Punishes - pros dont keep on doing stupid shit so you won’t learn how to punish stupid shit. I think it’s a lot more important to experience the game yourself, and learn yourself why something is not worth doing - after all you won’t see japanese players doing crouching roundhouses against ken with super meter again and again. Also pro’s try to play as safely as possible. You need first to beat scrubs in order to study the higher level

That’s kind of funny because all JR mostly does is crush scrubs online. Yes, he does some pretty good stuff, but the level of opposition he faces online would kinda makes you doubt the validity of those tactics against someone really good, right?

yeah i mean everything helps. I still consider watching a video, seeing something cool and going “oh shit i want to try that!” as ‘studying’ in some sense.

lol y u trying to stir up trouble brah? he plays many scrubs on XBL but he also does play many endless sets with good people. he also was an active part of the 3s tournament scene many many years ago, which an abundance of videos of him can be found. my Akuma didn’t become what it is over night or in a few months. I looked at many tutorial videos, read lots of match up info, Pherai even taught me a lot of stuff as well. I still watch JR’s videos to this day because there is still stuff to learn from him playing.

Well, I made this Remy trials video for OE a while back. it demonstrates some more advanced partitioning techniques. It might be useful for charge characters.