3S - Yang, the other twin



3rd strike: Yang, the other twin

I’m just starting this thread for all the people who play Yang or people who want to start learning Yang or whatever. Post whatever you want about Yang but ONLY about Yang! NO YUNS ALLOWED!

Anyway, something that i just discovered today after being reminded about dashing through opponents as they quick rise is that Yang can Universal Overhead over some people too. So you do something like in the corner vs Chun, LP mantis slash, dash, UOH to the other side, whatever or same thing against Ryu but only works if he doesn’t quick rise. There are probably a billion other situations that i still haven’t found out about. 3s too deep.

Anywho post away. Oh yeah, Yang can dash through Alex in the corner as he quick rises. Just make sure he doesn’t HB you…


EX mantis slash is good


good ways to connect EX mantis slash, after low MK, low LK x 2, linked LK after close MP, low LP x 3, after command grab.


WOW that was great:D

but it is good though LOL…

and oh dude why you got that kenscrub thing LOL that shit is uncalled for…if your ken is scruby then i am not even allowed to put my cursor on him LOL…

besides that, Yangs air chain is good mk df+mk…

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Ima Q-Scrub now!

but… the kenscrub thing is sorta an inside joke back in the days when an un-named top player complained about ucla because “the cabinets sucked and there’s just a bunch of kenscrubs”



LOL i see cool cool…dont know if you remember me but i played you at evo the dude that used sean LOL and you like “trying to make it hard on yourself” when i picked him…and your ken was off the hook thats why i was like kenscrub? wtf LOL

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Does anybody here use SA III? If you do, can you post some setups and combos with SA III? Thanks.


Is there anyway to combo into his command grab?

I think it’s impossile… :confused:


you can’t combo into grabs unless it’s a grab like Oro’s or Ibuki’s which are blockable but unparriable. i don’t know many command grab setups but i know a few. do 2 mantis slashes, stop, then walk a bit and command grab. MP, HK/EX senkyutai, MP reset, LK teleport, should be right behind the guy as they land, command grab. whiff a LK dive kick, command grab. there are probably a lot more so go experiment.


Any solid SaIII combo’s?


the Seiei combo i use is after a knockdown, activate Seiei, cross up dive kick, low MP, low HK, repeat. each cycle does about as much as a palm strike and it’s “semi-unblockable” according to Mopreme. if you want one big huge combo then almost all of them do the same damage it’s just looks. although if you manage to find a way of getting multiple low LPs the damage can be pretty good but it’s pretty hard to get those opportunities.


Ex mentis slash is so good that you can just train your character around setting up EX mentis slash.

I think you’d get a very good knowledge of how to use EX mentis slash by watching Hsien’s footage in B5.


yeah EX mantis is so good and way too fast with way to little recovery. and there’s so many ways to land it. Anyone have any thoughts on Yang’s tough match-ups and easy ones?


Might have been posted already…


Seiei Enbu


With Yang, for SAII users like me, you can do HCB + kick, s. forward launcher, then SAII. Or you can just anti-air with s. forward, then do SAII.

EDIT: You can also do EX QCF + Kick and then reset them with a s. strong, teleport to their other side as they are falling, then command grab, and then the super or whatever you wanna do.


What do you guys use for rushdown-type b&b combos


How do you get the launcher S.MK to connect after command grab?


I was thinking the same thing when I typed that shit. I know you can do it with Yun in CVS2, and I vaguely remember doing it when I used Yang, but I’m really not sure…I’ll go try it now. Anyway, the damage of anything after the command grab is ass…might as well just do SAII as anti-air or just do it off a c. jab/short, c. forward, or just plain off a launcher.


I just tried this again. The launch works on Chun Li.
I saw some video where Yang did some reset that went like Command Grab, S.MK, Sj. LK , land behind, S.MK, QCF+MK, SAII. That’s why I was asking.


you can only connect the close MK on certain people like Chun Li for instance…