3S0E: Netcode Settings

Ok, so apparently many people don’t know this, but you can change your delay settings for 3sOE. This was also possible in ggpo and HDR.

I’ve seen a lot of complaints from people who aren’t familiar with ggpo saying that AE netcode is better or they don’t like the “rewind”, well there’s an easy fix. Go into settings and you can change the input delay so that it plays like a traditional fighting game online. Increasing the number, increases the amount of delay and you should eliminate rollbacks. Voila, now you’re playing AE/kaillera etc in your 3s.

I played for a bit this morning and found that same coast matches are pretty much perfect, with very few roll backs (if any) with a delay of 1. Now depending on preference you may want to increase the delay if you’re playing cross country. Personally i’m not a fan of input delay, so i generally keep my setting at 1, but if you’re doing say from NY to Cali a setting of 3-4 may be a good idea depending on your connection.

Btw all of this is for 360, not sure how it works on psn, but i’m sure it’s similar.

I’ll give it a shot. Thanks though man