3SO awful Online?


Ok, maybe its just me beacuse i don’t see a lot of complaints about this but it takes me forever (Xbox live btw) to find lobbys, joind lobbys, join ranked matches.It takes like over 5 minutes or more each time.Its completely unacceptable, utter shit.

Anyone got info on that ?



No ,no. Other fighting games are fine (like AE). 3SO is the worst i’ve seen in a long time wen it comes to match making.Even games with shitty online like Mk9 and MvC3 are much much better the 3SO.

P.S. Not talking about lag in the game but the process of actually getting in a game.Just to be clear.


wow 5 minutes to get into the match it usually only takes me 30 seconds or a game has expired message.


Exactly what i was afraid of… terrible matchmaking
what’s the point of having great netcode if you can’t find any game? :frowning:


Well you can find a game it just take halo reach long if you know what i mean. Also you can go to player match which is quick. sigh


It’s driving me nuts.

I can maybe get one game every 15 minutes of trying. This shit is unacceptable. This is why I’m not playing MVC3 or MK9, it takes roughly a year to get a damned game going. Once you connect everything is fine, but getting to the actual game is what’s making me not want to go online.

Come on, you promised gold and you gave us a lackluster lobby.


Yeah, thats exactly what I’m talking about. Wen you play is quite fine but the match making is just horseshit.If you don’t have a lot of friends to play online with your fucked.


Takes forever to get into a ranked match. Green dots run well, yellow is hit or miss. Anything below that is shit.

Also disconnect % glitches at random. I have not dropped from any games Ranked or Player and my percentage is something like 45967432 %. Happened after I tired joining a tournament but I don’t know if that was the cause. So fair warning.

Good stuff capcom now nobody will play me in ranked. I’m only 7-7 but with that ratio I don’t blame them. On 360…


Well for me Player match takes just as long if not more. 1st it needs to load the lobby list wich by itslef takes waaaaaaaaay too long.Then wen you try to join a game it takes even longer. I mean, wtf…


I haven’t had much trouble at all getting a match, and have only had a few weird hiccups during the match, and I’m running on Fisher Price internet at the moment. Weird.


If you’re having trouble finding a match, it might be your network settings. This game seems to be a lot more sensitive to NAT settings than AE.

I’ve never waited more than 30 secs for a match, even at 2am.


I already have the green NAT in game, what can I do more?


The lobbies in 3SO are terribad. Give it the lobby system of AE (at least) and all would be smoove! :sweat:


yeah the ranked match lobby is shit compared to the player match lobby.