3SO awful Online?

Ok, maybe its just me beacuse i don’t see a lot of complaints about this but it takes me forever (Xbox live btw) to find lobbys, joind lobbys, join ranked matches.It takes like over 5 minutes or more each time.Its completely unacceptable, utter shit.

Anyone got info on that ?

Its just like GGPO on the computer, only everyone has a bad connection.

I’ve had trouble finding ranked matches but I don’t like ranked matches so it doesn’t matter to me. Haven’t had to wait more than 30 seconds to find a list of lobbies as of yet and that’s all I really do any way (PSN).


I can’t connect to ranked matches. It takes like 5m, IF I’m lucky. I get connected like 1 out of ever 20 tries. It’s ridiculous.

Almost every time I try to connect to player lobbies, I always get the “Lobby is full” error, even when it clearly isn’t full.

It’s very frustrating when I have to spend up to 10 minutes just to find a match. When I get connected to player lobbies, and when it’s almost my turn (3rd in line), I get the “Host Migration” message and then everyone dissapears. Fuck. :mad:

I’ve spent more time looking for matches than playing. :sad:

It pains me to say it but, HDR’s online >>>> 3SOnline.

Host migration is just the host leaving and the game is trying to pass off host to a new person.

Rank seems to carry a lot of weight, if you join a lobby full of people who’ve never touched ranked and you’re R3 or R4… expect them to clear out as soon as the current match is done :eek:

Oh, didn’t know that. Thanks for the info.

Same, games are very laggy or choppy. I actually had a match where I beat someone and the KO came up on screen for a split second, then we were standing again and I had to hit him with a different move lol. I never understood everyone’s obsession with GGPO. Ive never had any luck with it.

thats because you have a bad internet connection. for those of us with good ones, it solves a lot of issues.

GGPO isnt magic, it wont make a bad connection good. Upgrade, and port forward.

GGPO netcode works fine for me. Sometimes you get rollback but I can deal with that. My biggest complaint is matchmaking. It really makes me wish I can just hop on to GGPO on my PC and play there. I’m not the kind of player that likes to wait in an 8 person lobby. That just isn’t fun for me. I didn’t see any option that allows you to make smaller rooms like in HDR and that really sucks. Ranked match takes like 3 minutes to find someone but that doesn’t really bother me because I prefer player match anyways.

If they add the option to make smaller player match rooms I think I would enjoy OE a lot more but until then I’m just going to have to keep trying to join 1/8 player match rooms and hope that no one joins so I can get a set in with someone.

Can’t you just create a room with 6 or 7 private slots? I did that last night to play with a friend.

I dunno but I have been getting nothing but decent connection. At least the ping isn’t fooling us this time around :lol: Green is some really slick connection :sunglasses:

Good to hear something positive about the ping. Especially from another Torontonian.

Got the same problem, am on PSN, I have a connection speed of 100 mb/s (about to be 200 mb/s)… and it still takes 4-5 fucking minutes to find a damn ranked game. -.-"

I was finding ranked games in 30-60 seconds yesterday.

And while I can’t be surprised by others maybe having a hard time, blame Gamespy, not Capcom.

Yep. Just make 8 private slots and invite whoever you want.

Didn’t play ranked yesterday, played player matches with about 5-8 locals at a time. Ran great. Wish you guys had as good of an experience that I had. GGPO>

if you’re having trouble finding ranked matches try switching to NAT 1, takes less than 20 seconds for me everytime

Bandwith has near no effect to connection quality.
Real parameter is ping.

I can’t connect to any ranked match. In player matches, noone appears to have any better than a red connection to me. And sometimes, when I get to the top of the queue, I get pushed back to the bottom for no reason, or the game just won’t start no matter how long I wait.

Really frustrated.

How do you do this?