3SO patch still has an error


When you play vs mode and choose character select, it doesn’t let the winner choose another character… So what’s the purpose of even playing vs mode? Can just play arcade mode…


I think the problem here is that your right motor coupling is siphoning at depressed intervals and the oil is starting push twice once it reaches the tension valves.


Arcade mode is better anyways. Let’s see those win streaks.


you have to make sure you have a fresh tube of fixodent when playing a grampa game like 3rd strike. your dentures are falling out and hitting the controller.


Also each match takes place in the proper geographical area.


My question is, did anyone ask for this in the update?


I brought this issue up a few weeks ago.

It sucks but arcade mode is better anyway.


Yeah but did you notice how the winner can now choose a different super?


I like the arcade feeling of it.


I just want the orig arcade sound like every other port of this game. :frowning:


I have no idea what the first few posters were even talking about, but it just makes me upset that my tax money goes to kids who use their parents easy earned welfare and SSI checks’ Internet bill to post on forums to waste theirs and everyone else’s time.

Anyway, I think i will just stick to playing on FBA for vs and OE for practice mode.


Dude, some of us adults do that too. How unfair of you to only single out those loser kids.


why play versus on FBA? worst option for offline play and doesn’t have any benefit over OE versus since it locks you in the same either way.

I agree it’s a bad change though. I remember someone requesting it for tournament modes and I think IG didn’t understand what they were really asking so they just locked you into same character no matter what.


FBA: Play two matches, hit the reset button, wait for Warning and Capcom Logo, insert coins, choose characters.
3SO: Play two matches, start a third, hit start, exit game, enter arcade mode, choose characters.

Everything about the 3SO way takes less time. Hell, the process even takes LESS TEXT. Stop whining. It was a dumb change that people asked for. IG thought they were helping based on what people asked for.