3SO Training Mode


I need some help with the training mode.

  1. I can’t figure out how to record the dummy doing things. whenever I do this, it records my character doing it instead and I don’t know how to play the recordings.

  2. How can I set it up so my buddy is player 2 in training mode? I couldn’t find the option for that anywhere.


You have to go to parry training and select dummy recording for the first question.

2nd question is you can’t.


Yeah pretty much. Unfortunately, trying to record any string with the parry Training is a pain in the fucking ass, because of the CPU parrying everything while you record it.


Which is frustrating because the training modes are otherwise pretty much taken straight from the previous versions, where you could do this.


Yeah I don’t understand why you can’t do that. It’s a real shame. :frowning:

inb4 Human Settings DLC for training mode - $4.99


Training mode needs:

  1. Proper record function (I think it was done best in Blazblue, with a record button and playback button)
  2. A way to turn stun COMPLETELY off (right now it is either normal or almost completely full)
  3. Human control
  4. A better auto-guard (right now the CPU won’t start blocking an incomplete combo if the hits are too close together. IE: I practiced Dudley’s overhead>SAIII, and both moves would always connect, even if I only got 5 hits total from the corkscrew blow)