3SO Trolls

Is it just me or is the ps3 version on 3SO filled with trolls? Every time I go online I swear I’ll run into at least 5 or 6 people who just loooove to let the clock run to 0 on character select/SA/stage select. I know its suppose to drive me mad, and congrats assholes, because it does.

i’ve run into this too, but i really think they do it because they don’t wanna get counterpicked. it was a bad idea on Derek Neal’s part for making you able to see your opponents selection.

Troll them back. I love Stomping those tards to death. Pretty much every character can do something to troll a troll.

The only possible thing that could annoy me from this, besides the wait, is if their last second character pick forces me to choose a super before I see who they chose. I play Oro, so stones or yagyou changes how I play him.

I figured it was just people who need to go get a drink before the match starts or something. I did run into one guy who put the cursor on his character, let the timer run out, then picked his SA and let the timer run out… so it’s not like he was trying to surprise me or anything.

The only for-sure troll I ran into was a Twelve using XCOPY… and I’m cool with that kind of trolling.

but you basically stomps everybody to death no matter what…:rofl::sleep:

No, no. I have Troll Radar. Tadar.

He doesn’t stop everyone to death. What about the people he rage quits on?
Anyway his Tadar is constantly going off because he keeps detecting himself whenever he turns it on.

played some dude name daffy9800 or something like that.

he used gill. I used akuma. If i got hit i lost. was funny tho.

Yeah daffy9800, he uses Gill A LOT and taunts everytime you lose. He cant block cross ups to save his life though. He beat me the first 2 games then never won since then, really easy to figure out too lol. He’s on my friends list whenever I wanna beat up on Gill.

ultimate troll on psn is to make a lobby and have it take up 1/8 of the maximum number of results while you’re afk.


I do that sometimes.

However, I do that because I’m actually **doing something **and i’m using all the time I can before the match starts.

I have trolled a few times, though.

Good luck with that, I haven’t gotten my lobby to show up on the list ever and I have tried quite a few times to make a public lobby.