3SO tweleve match vids/critiques

not too many twelve players around, and many people play him very differently. To be honest, I feel like I am playing twelve in a vacuum and I sure others feel the same way. So I was hoping just to see a compendium of recent twelve match vids that i could browse. I know there are some classic older ones, but I was hoping to see what you guys are doing (so I can gauge my own progress, bite your style, etc).

so if you have any saved matches that showcase any classic (or new/interesting/promising) twelve technology or just solid play please post up so average people like me can witness.

Also I was hoping that this could be a place where heads post unpolished play in submission for critique. Be mean.

Im not expecting the quality of play in here to be pristine, kind of just a dirty match vid repository with comments (strictly pertaining only to the vids please…wonder if this is possible).

My execution is still struggling trying to get used to this game back on Jap sticks, but here are 2 of my better matches (execution wise) to get thing started:
The opponents arent too great (I havent really run into any decent competition in 3SO yet thb) so what type of stuff would get me killed playing real heads: I know I tend to IAD when in doubt…

Yo your Twelve is mad good…

I don’t use Twelve’s tricky shit against bad players though… I just spam j.hp… it works everytime… it’s like an unblockable:rofl:…

I usually combo his SA1 after cr. lk, a.x.e… it’s a pretty easy hit confirm imo… anti air xndl is kind of easy to parry imo(well at least it wouldn’t fly offline)…

I guess I could start putting replays up…

I just started with 3so and twelve so I’m still having trouble with big punishes, what do you use to punish laggy moves or baited srk’s.
I seem to bait them fine then have an ass punish and just get wrecked.

I punish missed DPs with standing mk into sa1, it’s hard to do on the lp version though.

@bulldancer: yeah, confirming the hit is easy, but honestly, i have trouble with the cancel timing, and yes XNDL is parry bait (even though noone ever parries it from me online or off) bad habit; true
-rewatvching those vids, its painfully obvious my IADs are weak on the P1 side - towards the right (and it always takes me at least a few seconds to warm up my IADs at thte beginning of the round, hahaa, getting better though). Theyre coming along though.

And for punish opportunities, i usually go for exAxe, or mp>XNDL, or raw super. (I think lp>axe>super suffers dmg reduction) Good luck without meter. (keep in mind cl.standing mk>XNDL I beleive you must superjumpcancel the mk)

and to get back on topic; this guy puts up a good fight:
some classic IAD mixups up there with good spacing i think. Dangerous against a competent Urien though, he will usually force me to be conservative with the air dashing. Interestingly, the roll animation on the recovery of the dive bomb thing goes under Urien’s fireballs if timed properly (probably others’ as well). Pretty useless but a fun minigame while facing weak comp.

been getting housed online today…kind of the way it should be.

found this in video thread: I heard Valle played him:
nice spacing and mixing up of antiairs plus jab>axe for anti airparriers
(not 3SO; but more vs Urien @ 6:30: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lab3-02J-60&feature=fvst and here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCJ-Df7ay18 )

SFIII:3S youtube servers are down now, hahaa

i havent uploaded any new videos but someone else has
and despite my fear of this thread becoming red larry’s twelve diary…
feel my pain:

Dude, your Twelve is awesome, way better than mine. I know a little Twelve because I used to main him before I switched over to Sean, years ago. I think I only get wins with him because my opponents have never seen him before. I can’t super jump cancel or IAD hardly at all. I don’t really have any critiques on your Twelve, other than to say I noticed that every time you air dash backwards, you always do an N.D.L. but I suppose it’s not punishable, and actually a good idea if they jumped and land on it so why not?

Oh, and I LOL’d when I saw that you also use pink Twelve, or “Pepto Twelve” as I call him, because, so do I, going all the way back to Xbox Live back in the day. In fact I use pink everybody. Nowadays I 2nd Twelve and it’s one of my goals to get replays of fun matches where I beat people with the “Pepto” version of their own character using XCOPY. I have a lot of these vids on my youtube channel. I’ll put a few up here.


This one was one of my only matches where I feel like I actually played smart, and that I beat a good opponent. Most of the time my wins with Twelve are pretty cheap or against total scrubs.


This one has the most hilarious ending of all time. I can’t believe any of these shenanigans worked.


And here was one that I honestly shouldn’t have lost. If I wasn’t using XCOPY I would have won for sure and I almost did anyway. I am so bad with Urien, lol.


This one was fun, but I mostly just like the comments I made in the description because that conversation was hilarious.


And if you haven’t seen the 3s video thread, this is everyones favorite.

oh shit twelve is so boss when your opponent doesnt block!

So, I’ve being playing Twelve in 3s as well, one guy has told me I play Twelve like I play Juri! ( Well, maybe when I was fairly new with Juri that’s besides the point )

Anyway, here is just a random mirror match I had on XBL recently, its nothing special ( I mainly play 3s as a side to AE ) but if there are any suggestion how I could improve, I’m more than welcome to hear about it.

Btw, I’m the default coluor Twelve in this match.


Twelve mirror matches are horrible things. Nobady wins. The only advise I have for that matchup is to switch characters, which is what I do.
I switch to Sean shoryucannon and usually have no problem. hahaa. I hate fighting twelve.

So the upload system for XBox live is broken now? Or am I doing it wrong?

There’s a shortcut you can use if you wish: qcf+mk, qcf+p.

And nice Twelve, hubcapsignstop!

Cl. MK is a little slow, its not a poke I like to throw out to try a hit confirm
Also you have to super jump cancel to get that to work (‘circle masher’ huh?)
So youre going to end up super jumping if you dont activate the super, which isnt necessarily safe but probably can be a bit disorienting for the opponent if you do it sparingly

It doesn’t need a SJC. I used to think it did too but it really doesn’t. Try the method I mentioned above if you don’t believe me.

I posted on ‘ask capcom’ forum at capcom unity about the ypoutube upload problems and they fixed it the next day. Pretty good. I had a mess of videos that the upload system apparently ate and I cant get back.

Here is a video against an ok Alex. This is one of my favorite matchups (but still especially hard against good players). Playing good players it is impossible to get away from the runaway play style that I used to avoid; you just have to pick your opportunities to rush down more carefully.
-I often buffer supers randomly within normals so as to catch jumpins/recovery/etc. Its not always advisable via jumpins, but in my experiance you just have to not be predictable (because it is parry bait) and gauge whether or not you believe your opponent is going to throw out an attack. I also do it from all the way acroos the screen to catch desparation moves, but I also let it fly on jumpins from across the screen sometimes. This is because alot of times opponents like to gain ground on twelve by jumping and throwing out high priority attacks blindly to shut off twelves air games (which itself seems pretty effective). If you recognize this, the NDL super will make them think twice (although in this video, i ust through it out there because I didnt think he could charge for a retaliation, idk). Other than this, my main use for his super is hit confirm from jumpin RH, my execution for the Cr.lkXAXEXsuper is just not there.
-One of the things I do vs Alex’s wakeup more so than on other chars, is IADcancel into jump airAXE. Alexes like to throw out EXStomp (or even EXkneefly) to escape or whatever. I finished the match with this mixup in the corner, but it also works good in the open. If you are expecting a throw: IADcancel into tigerknee EXAXE is pretty amazing (though I dont know if this is safe on block; somebody let me know)
-also, I am under the impression that EXsuperman is safe on block (and you have to judge whether or not your opponent realizes this), so if anyone knows otherwise via frame data, let me know.

I dont know if you guys have ever played ‘sandybags’ but he an amazing Hugo. He was going on some disgusting win streak against good competition and was blowing my mind. Below are some of my better showings. Hugo is usually my favorite matchup but these matches arent pretty and I ended alot of rounds with stupid execution errors. The following videos are my best showing, but he usually got the better of me (including a perfect with a sick stun combo that went on forever). FYI, he is good at parrying so I ended up trying to be more random than usual.
-be careful with raw st.RH while he has meter, parry->hammermtn. was not uncommon
-you see me going for super after nuetral throw alot. This is because against hugo this will combo if he doesnt tech roll, and I have convinced myself that I can confirm the opponents tech roll or not. As you can see I was quite unsuccessful this day (had a few drinks tho, so I can always blame it on that)
-on wakep, crossover jump, airdash crossbackover into air AXE confuses the heck out of everyone (you have to reverse the motion tho, if I remember correclty)
-I noticed I go for alot of IADcancel into tigerknee EXsuperman. I suppose I could go for tigerknee EXAXE if that is, indeed safe on block. I am always to scared to go for that against Hugo. I should really find out if that is safe on block. I cant find any frame data on these moves (the brady guide has no data here). Any help?

any critiques? Comments? Suggestions?

Look at the link in ESN’s signature, it’s all you need.

Who is ESN? Where is this?
Link to link?


i lold.

this is the newest version.

ESN is the dude with the berserk avatar that’s really scary looking with the weird lips and eyes.


Hah, yeah. ESN is like a technical version of TheShend’s video library. Just as indisposable, in his own unique way. Plus he has a nice Akuma. TheShend is an outputter, ESN is a calculator/processor. Offence meant to neither party, I have infinite respect for both (as I’m sure they understand).

ESN, I may be heading to Toulouse soon, what are my options for 3S? Would be good to play you offline man!

of course you are right about that, thanks for the correction
seems like it could work as an option select on counterhit? I will be experimenting

*Edit: the option select thing is inconsistent; so probably not worth doing (at best; maybe if you are anticipating a specific poke it could be helpful). *
At least it gives him alot more range than cl.MP>super, so it looks useful in that respect. Thanks.

Thanks. But the frame data is still lacking what I am looking for. Is there any reason why I cant find the block stun or block advantage data for the airEXAXE and airEXDRA moves?
Could it have to do with the fact that these are jumping attacks and thus recovery is considered dependent on how deep your attack hits? The AirAXEs have an obvious recovery upon landing but I guess the true recovery would vary depending on how close to the ground the last hit actually hits, which I could buy is somewhat random and character dependent, so I guess I will just have to experiment (although I likely did awhile back and this is why I never do it anymore). And airEXDRA of coursse has its own landing animation, but the true recovery seems to be pretty consistent to me. I always feel I can tech throws/block/mixup immediately upon the opponents recovery from block stun, and good players tend to pick up on this also pretty quickly.
any thoughts?