3soe 360 is up for purchase


Thought I’d let the people know.


good man


link to marketplace plz?


I’m sorry, I don’t know how to do that…


Uh where? On the browser marketplace or the actual one on the xbox?




Still no sign of it in Europe… >:(


In Europe, and specifically in France for me, the xbox live market place’s update is every wednesday at 12am (summer time) and 11am (winter time). I just kept on updating the XBL live arcade games since half hour, but still no sign of it. I guess I’ll wait few more minutes :smiley:




702.29 Mb to download from XBOX live Europe NOW !!!

let’s rock !!!


I’m on EU XBL now.

Anyone fancy a game, my tag is moonwhistle. I play on random select.


keep getting status code: 80153021
anyone else having this problem?