3SOE - 6 Extra 2nd Impact Colors... bugging out?


I’m not sure if this was posted before. But…
Supposedly beating the game with any character on any difficult unlocks these 6 extra colors.
So far I got Urien and Gouki colors.
But recently I tried getting Yang and Ken, nothing unlocks. o_O
Any one else having this problem?? Am I doing anything wrong here?
I did tweak some options in the Dip Switch though, does that have anything to do with it or complicate it in any way?


yeah i think if you fuck with options it doesnt count it. something like that.


Ahhh… fuck. I was starting to think so too!
At first I was like, wait… Yang wasn’t in 2nd Impact, that’s why I didn’t get the colors. But then, I remembered… he was in it!


Yup, tested it out. Had the Dip Switches back to default. Everything works out now. =/