3SOE at the 25th Anniversary Tournament Series


I didn’t see a thread for it.

Who’s going to suck it up and participate? It would be cool to adopt a similar mindset as the ST guys:

This should be seen as an opportunity to take advantage of and help give exposure to 3S and the US 3S scene.

Registration page and list of all tournaments w/ dates and rules


I definitely would have considered it if they hadn’t announced where and when it was two weeks prior to actual event. Unless I missed it? I don’t pay attention to these things anymore…


You missed it, it was announced in May, I think there may have been a change to the Japan event

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Registration page and list of all tournaments w/ dates


They need to hurry up and talk to Next Level or NicaKO’s new spot. I would guess no on the new CTFaire.


At this point I just want the money. :smiley: I mean…fight for the future! It could definitely help pave my re-entry into the fgc. I would certainly learn how to play sf4 and Marvel 3 if I got any kind of money out of this.


--… Why did I sign up for graduate school this semester --


Top 16 at Texas Qualifier

Let’s go Mopreme!


NYC Qualifier registration is open