3SOE dead?

so after having the game a week, i go online after messing around with the 1p features. theres less than 10 lobbies, 2-3 ppl max in each, and most of the people don’t know how to play and/or don’t take the game that serious.

i honestly dont see this games online lasting any longer than HDR. it’ll definitely extend its tournament shelf life but seems only towards a small group.

I dunno, define ‘dead’. It’s much easier to get a match in HDR than it is in the old SNK games that have hit PSN just recently, and the players are better…

The couple of times I went into lobbies I got the shit kicked out of me. Everyone seems to agree that only awful players are in ranked so that’s where I stay. :sunglasses:

HDR was in two EVOs

Give the game a little more credit

Maybe 'cause people go play Karnov’s Revenge now.

Not enough people play it in the Karnov room to declare it dead. It’s dead online for sure because of horrendously bad matchmaking, ping, lobbies, and netcode quality.

No its simply because the netcode is horible

It was rough prepatch of finding games, but I could.
After patch it was a bit better. Gears 3 came out, and still no real problem getting a game. Batman… no more.
Now im playing that Dark Souls crap.

I don’t think it’s dead per se. I just think all the good players are in private lobbies.I don’t know about the general public though. I haven’t played in open lobbies in a while.

Also, Dark Souls is hard as shit.

I wouldn’t declare it as dead, I mostly play in lobbies with people I know or people that are good.

Just playing randoms isn’t something I find enjoyable anyway.


Blame the new AAA titles just/about released

Pretty much this, not to mention the really shitty matchmaking and netcode. I still see new vids though, so I wouldn’t call it dead. It seems to be doing really bad though.

P.S.- Magician > Emperor

“G’s bloodstain!”

That’s a bummer, haven’t played in a while because I’ve been busy, but that’s depressing.

I’d rather take an hour and a half drive to play it in person than to waste another second playing 3S online.

Very hard to find people with good connection (green-yellow) in Psn in UE.


i just shot the fat zombie

also 3s.

I was about to say “whattt a super active SF3 board I didn’t know about?” Then clicked on one of the boards…

I’m not surprised. With moves not always coming out and very laggy online play I knew it wasn’t gonna last long. I mean if the majority of fighting game players avoided this game entirely when it was popular why would those same people want to play it now, especially with plenty of other games out?

it’ll be back, we’ll figure out a system