3SOE: Embarassing Problems that need to be fixed ASAP

Agree with op 100 percent

I like these people who think I don’t have the right as a consumer to mention what is wrong with something I paid for.

Well…I didn’t actually mention the offline lag, but since you brought it up.

Pretty much every top (i use the term loosely, fubarduck, JR etc) 3S player has reported significant input lag.
This is of course in addition to the ~3 frame input lag that comes with playing on a ps3.

I dont care about blind select. Counter pick me, I dont give a shit. Ranked mode could be a little better, everything else is fine.

the weird thing is some people are having this problem and some arent.

But the fix won’t come out for another 6 weeks from now.

What? You don’t think tournaments are held on arcade machines at an arcade?

Your other comments are totally legit. But honestly, blind select? Not a concern at this point.

A guy just rage quit on me and my level XP was reset to 0.
Appearently rage quitters will reset your XP.


if mofos are gonna say a game sucks on the 1st day of its release then they’re is no need 4 anymore dlc titles. afterall this is a arcade title so bugs glitches are probly gonna be abundant in some way. but those that play online shouldnt be bitching honestly… cuz they’re probly is gonna be alot of updates to come for the game like many other bug plagued titles

You’re clearly clueless about a lot of things so I won’t be too hard on you. Every remotely notable tournament either has blind select (Evo) or you’ve preregistered your character and you can’t change (SBO). Denjin ranbats, AI ranbats, FamilyFun ranbats, were all run this way. I bet if we made this a poll 80% of people would want blind select.

Hm I wonder why chun avatar.

Once again its not the counter picking I care about so much as the trolling and time wasting.

Yeah, I play chun li in SF4 too. Go ahead, pick rufus, c viper or akuma. I dont care. If someone messages me before a match, I WILL tell them who im picking

Cool story bro. Please read before posting.

No I’m not clueless. You just explained your own situation. You play a character and…that’s it. The whole point of a ranbat is to work on a character, so no shit they’re going to use one character.

What you whined about was people spending time selecting a character. That’s totally different. I’m not going to go any further here but blind select is NOT A PROBLEMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. NEVER HAS BEEEEEEEEEEEEEN.

Are you guys able to adjust rounds? I selected 1 round and im still playing 2 in arcade…

I believe only Versus settings are tweakable.

Ah that would probably be why then. Too bad. Was gonna storm through to unlock gill.

Does anyone here have the green NAT1. If so, how long does it take for you to find a match in Rank and do people join your room in Player Matches?.
Iam starting to think people can’t connect with me b/c mine is on NAT2.

That’s just trolling BS. When AE came out, it was not compatible with Games on Demand version. Capcom fixed that in about eight hours. At most, by the end of the weekend most of these issues will be fixed.

Yea man its not a problem at all, thats why I get trolled at char select in 75% of my matches and thats why every tournament has blind select. Derp. Spamming in caps lock without actually refuted what I said in the slightest. Report this clueless troll.

Reasons to include blind select are numerous:

  • Prevents counter picking
  • Speeds up character select process
  • Prevents trolling
  • More like a real match in a tournament

Reasons to not include blind select are limited to:

  • I want to counter pick and it won’t let me
  • I want to troll and it won’t let me

There is NO REASON not to have blind select and many good, valid reasons why its necessary. You don’t think its necessary? Fine. Having it in won’t hurt you either. Case closed.

Thats super shitty if its true. Hardly arcade perfect.

i have a green nat. most of the time it times out in about 2 minutes or so. its hard to find people. however, when i do it usually takes about half that time.

everyone is having a hard time finding matches, it seems.

I’m assuming you are all playing on ps3 because I’ve been playing on xbl off a mac sharing stolen internet and was having consistently good matches. Finding ranked matches and losing your place in line are the two thinhs I want fixed.

I like following people around the character select screen.