3sOE issues that need investigation (help Iron Galaxy)


UPDATE: This thread is not for complaining about things they’re not going to fix, or for anything else that’s not related to the list below. Please do that elsewhere.

Here is the list of issues that Iron Galaxy wants to fix, but is having trouble reproducing. If we can help them out by really quantifying the issue, or showing exactly what needs to be done to reproduce each issue, there’s a better chance that they’ll fix it for the patch.

[]Investigate Gameplay Speed issue. We’re not sure what to do about this currently but agree it’s a “Big Deal.”
]speed discussion: FBA speed vs what it should be
* Investigate Dropped EXs. Having trouble reproducing this, if anyone has any tips please get in touch.
[]not a bug: issue stems from pressing an additional punch or kick button along with the EX punch/kick buttons
]Investigate Player Color Choices being reflected in HUD (character portraits). We can’t use the original portraits due to the DLC we issued, so we need to find a way to integrate this into the existing portraits.
[]Investigate Lobby ready/unready on separate buttons.
]Investigate Urien’s Refelctor 2p color issue. We need to dig into the game code a bit and see what’s going on.
[]Investigate Ryu’s bag not flopping over properly. Need to dig into the game code a bit and see what’s going on.
]Investigate bug where P1 & P2’s characters can swap colors. We can repro this occasionally, so hopefully we can squash it.
[]Investigate Save State in Parry Training bug.
]Investigate Consecutive Wins not being correct. The reason it’s broken now is related to a choice we made about multi-match modes, and it’s clear our choice was incorrect.
[]Investigate Mute/Mute All for Online Modes (PS3 Only).
]Investigate Sound Cutting out mid-match. We’ve seen this, but it seems pretty rare (therefore hard to catch/fix).
[]Investigate Poison/Roxy 2p Color. Need to dig into the game code a bit and see what’s going on.
]Investigate “Trashcan” Shoryu.
[]Investigate players getting kicked to player select inappropriately in online matches.
]Investigate possibility of refining “region” choices more than “North America, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong.” This would be closer to the Skullgirls style of matchmaking, but is a bit more work than our proposed solution. If it is possible we will do this, as we agree it’s a “better” solution.
[]Investigate higher resolution for YouTube videos on 360.
]Investigate graphical glitch in Remy’s stage w/ Scan Lines on.
There’s not much we can do about the issues in italics. I’ve just included them here for completeness.

As for the other issues, please post up as much information as you can to illustrate an issue that needs quantification (e.g., game speed being off), or to show how to reproduce an issue that seems to happen sporadically (e.g., EX moves not coming out).

For issues that we’re trying to reproduce: even if you’re only reproducing it part way, but you’re getting something consistently, you might be onto something, so post up what you’ve found and others can try it and possibly take it further.

I’ll try to update the OP with stuff we’ve found and to label stuff as “done”, but be sure to search the thread first before working on something that’s already been clearly described.

Like: pictures, videos, detailed descriptions, detailed steps, system information/setup, anything consistent you’ve found so far, any other info you feel might be relevant
Dislike: anything unrelated to this thread



Not unless they give me button display during replays/training.





there are other places to bitch about what they’re not including in this patch. not here. thx.


We had trouble figuring out anything substantial and solid when we were comparing OE vs PS2 vs FBA gameplay speed. That’s probably gonna be tough to get hard evidence and solutions for.

I’ll spend time in training mode messing with EX inputs and see if I can find reproducible stuff. I’ve noticed it especially with Makoto (with macro buttons), so I’ll probably start there.

I’ll be paying attention for when sound drops midmatch but my perception is that it happens a lot more often on PS3, and online with bad connections. Sometimes offline too though so I’ll see if there’s any common events that set it off.


I think people are accurate about the EX input drop. I’ve seen this happen repeatedly in the last few months. At first I never had it happen, however, the vast majority seems to be online, not offline. But all the same as it’s happened on both. Anyway to test this? Who has a 3S cab?


Is there anyway someone could overlay a sequence from an arcade video (1 or 2 moves) with the PS2 and OE versions, like I have seen in some SF4 videos. That would show the game speed. Any Adobe Premiere specialists? So many of these problems are random so it’s hard to tell.


been messing with training mode, here’s what I got so far:

I have a lot of trouble getting EX off of negative edges if I’m doing it with two buttons. it hasn’t dropped on if I aim for negative edge EX with a macro button though.


For me it drops if I use Macro. It seems totally random.


Alright it definitely drops Makoto EX overhead in training mode. Not every time. Doing it with a macro button. Maybe 1 every 5 times? I need to investigate more, but once I’m sure I’ll change my dipswitches to start with max meter then upload a replay.


ok here’s what i’ve found for dropped EX inputs, and i can reproduce it all the time, although i think something else could be going on here that may be obvious that i’m just not realizing:

ps3, cthulhu pcb, training mode, max meter. i am makoto, vs ryu on always block. 3punch macro is set to my jab button (i only have the 6 buttons). when i do EX chop just straight up with the macro, it never fails. i always get EX chop. but when i press any kick along with the macro button, i always get regular chop. i found this out while doing (pointless) kara EX chop. the macro button and the kick button need to be pressed at pretty much exactly the same time.

is this what is happening with y’all? or do u sometimes get non-EX when using the macro alone?


That could be the key. I was just playing 3SOE and getting used to the timing. Nothing has dropped. But then I did Alex’s j.HP, s.MK, into EX Flash Chop and HP Flash came out… and I was using 3P macro.


so you’re saying that maybe u hit the MK along with the macro button while trying to do EX flash chop? cuz that would match what i observed. although, i noticed that the macro button and kick button have to be hit at like exactly the same time it seems, in order for the EX to not come out. maybe u hit MK twice (once after j.HP, once with the macro)?


Nope, only hit MK once.


why would the other button cancel the EX? i don’t know. but then i tried in on fba, and i get the same behavior…


ah, damn. not sure, then…


if that’s the case it can explain my issue as well.

I hit cr lk, then as I’m letting go of the button I get a negative edge. when I time her EX flash chop early the down press coincides with the up press of the cr lk. which would cancel her EX I guess? maybe someone who knows more can say whether we’re on the right track.



unless someone else can show otherwise, i’m starting to think that the issue really boils down to this, because i’ve been mashing ex all day with the macro and i can’t get it to NOT work unless i hit another button with it.


I think it’s a problem with macros…

Try it with two buttons like a real man lol…