3SOE Priceless hate mail


I got an “Runaway scrub” after this match - I’m Akuma



^That was like the exact opposite of runaway…

Imma start playing/sticking with Remy to get some hatemail…

No ragequits while using Ken, but got a ragequit within the first few matches using machine gun lov… it gets shit done…


That’s what I said… He replied with something along the lines of, “you play like a scrub that runs away from real fighting. blocked”

I suppose he meant runaway as in just not letting him hit me because I was moving around?

This is me running away: and what’s funny is that this guy messaged me complaining about me counter picking him.



nearly double perfected a dudley with oro saii
poked him to death then unblockable looped him twice

“scrub, you didn’t even do the unblockable you just spammed low attacks”

what does that mean even considering i beat him with the unblockable lol

edit: oh forgot this guy also ragequit at the end :slight_smile:


Rage post:

Makoto is by FAR the fucking lamest character to fight online.

Nope, fuck you…she is.


There are too many messages for me to even bother posting up, so I’m compiling them all here. Stay free, Alex3rdStrike. Even if there wasn’t any lag, you’d still be free. Even in the lag, you left yourself open.


Read from the last picture to the first.


I was playing Remy (I suck with Remy… My Sean is better than my Remy. I began using low and high fireballs… He didn’t approach or take an offensive mindest so I just kept throwing them…)
Loser of the Match: You’re Gey<<<real spelling
Me: You could’ve won that match. Don’t get persuaded into fireball games (Ironically, he was playing Ryu)
Loser: I’m not mad. That was just gay
Me: Eh
*Played Makoto against him next time and abused tick-throws
Loser: Fuck you


That’s definitely louiscipher or w/e.


I hope he had a keyboard. If you have some replays, you should upload them too. I wish I got THAT kind of hate mail. I used to get it a lot in Tekken.


What took Louiscipher so fuckin’ long? I was expecting something from him since Page 1.


What makes it even funnier is when you remember all of his GGPO rants where he would claim that he "can’t wait until 3SOE comes out so I can stop playing with you lag abusers, trolls, racial comment, etc.

Welcome back, Louis!


Needs moar 2Nasty.


LOL that Alex3rdStrike guy trolls like no other on PSN. Stay fray~


why feed trolls?


Is it bad that one of the reasons I want to become a better player is so Louis can give me shout-outs in his next psycho rant? (I’m so jealous of your shout-outs, Aku and Tebbo).

In seriousness, though, is something mentally wrong with him? I played with him on GGPO once, and all he did was insult me and call me an SFIV player. When I said I was more of a Vampire Savior player, he got even angrier, played only Dudley mirror matches with me until he finally won one, and exclaimed, “SEE! EVEN MY DUDLEY BEAT YOURS. HAHAHAHA. SFIV SCRUB.” And left. And that’s my only experience with him outside of the forums.

And when I ask if he’s mentally wrong in the head, I’m not asking it to insult him, but to seriously ask. He’d probably have a lot more fun if he just took some meds and tried being a member of the community. :-/


Who knows. Who really gives a shit either (about louis). I doubt anyone who posts here regularly knows him personally, or cares to anyways…

Received my first piece of hatemail earlier. Some Oro player I ran into on ranked. Apparently, I’m a tier whore for using Dudley:

“wtf u ply dudley its not ur amazing ur toptier”

I couldn’t remember who this guy was at first, so I had mistaken him for a Yang player who left at the second round. Basically just had an exchange about how he’s some old school competitive SF player who used Guile and he’s only been playing for two weeks. I let him humor me for a few messages until he dropped this gem:

“ive never plyd yang in my life i ply oro-unlike the 95% of people that ply this game i dont take the easy op route i work 4 my wins”

Stay free, homie.


I’ve received several hate mails but the best one was from a guy named venomxisxgog. He joined my room and he picked gouki, i beat him the first round with a tengu combo destroyer (i use the one and only Oro) and during the second round he ragequits and then joins the room again right away, this time only to pick Gill. He got destroyed during the first round int he same way after a 30 something hit combo and he ragequits during the second round (again) and sends me this message (priceless):
"wow thats really all u can do u f****n fag its ppl like u that kill the game"


I got a couple during the 1st week of the release. One was more like rubbing it in my face; “Thanks for the easy win, I needed the practice” while another one was blaming me for leaving a match that ggpo caused as I still hold a 0% disconnect. I’m too free to get any more hate mail hahahaha


^ Nobody is dropping me hatemail… then again I’m only decent at best in this game anyway…

lol nigga plz… did he know how to block?

Because the name of any SF2 game is best named “Don’t get hit”… he’s playing Oro and you are the one tier whoring… oh wow…

This dude must have been absolute booty at SF2 to not be able to guess through Dudley’s 50/50’s in the corner(not as easy as I’m making it sound, but he is a so-called SF2 player tho) and get out before his whole lifebar was gone…


not really hatemail but some du called me a scrub after i got disconnected like 10 secs in a match

like anyone would ragequit that early? no common sense or what