3SOE problems

This is on PSN.
I pre-ordered the game and finally downloaded it last night. On that same night I fired it up to play against a friend and I wanted to invite him to my lobby, but I couldn’t. I clearly says on screen to press square to invite and I press that dang button and nothing happens. To make it worse, My friend could invite me to HIS lobby, but when asked to join nothing would happen as well. I get the message “Join or Reply” I select Join and nothing happens. We had to meet up on some other player’s lobby and that really killed our mood that night. It was so frustrating.

Has anyone ran into this?
Possibly can contribute a solution?

If this keeps going then I’m just ready to drop this game. It’s unfortunate though because I really am eager to learn the game, but if I can’t even play a couple games with some friends online then, what is the point.

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Another issue is if you’re not connected to Xbox Live when you quit the session( as in quit to the game start up screen) any trial and vault progress disappears.
I know its not a massive gripe but ffs if you’re gonna tout hefty persistence at least make sure it works properly!

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Can you link up with your friend in other games?

What are both of your internet connections like? Do both of you have your ports forwarded for PSN?

My friend and I don’t share many games. We only play Super/AE together and we can link up just fine.
I don’t see how 3SO’s online can give me problems, when I can connect with anyone in any other game just fine.
I’m not sure about my friend’s internet. I’m in Norcal and he’s from San Diego.
I’m not to sure if we have our ports forwarded for PSN.
Honestly I’m pretty uninformed when it comes to port forwarding. I hear it does improve online quality, but I’ve never bothered to try this process out.
I’ll try and relay some questions if he’s online today.

You probably need to forward ports or put the PS3 on the DMZ, just like with GGPO on PC.

…GGPO sucks :rofl:

i have a crazy problem where the i joined a ranked battle and both characters where invisible we could only see the shadows. we played anyone, i did so because i was concerned with the disconnection ratio going up i wanted it to stay zero. after the match we where disconnected from the game without a real finish even though we played all the way through. then my disconnection rate sky rocked… it now says 44446328947153858% :rofl:. this shit is crazy how do i let capcom know to fix this?

So I don’t know if this is the right place to ask but… I live in Sweden… and we have really fast internet here… (100mb/s) but whenever I search for a Ranked game, it takes like 4 fucking minutes to find one. I also constantly get “Failed to Join as the lobby no longer exists” error due to it taking so damn fucking long.

Any advice? And yes, I only have SF running, nothing on my PC that may eat up any bandwidth. This is REALLY pissing me off as I expected so much more than this. One shouldn’t have to wait for 4 fucking minutes just to get one game… not even SF4 took this long.

Also, why is there no Region search? Why is there no “Create Ranked Match”?

Thankful for any help…

  • A pissed off Yagami.

yeah my 360 my nat is green and i can’t find 1 ranked match

I can find ranked matches, now and then. Sometimes it takes a really long time, sometimes I get that error. They seem to be aware of it though, judging by the frontpage post.

I’m mostly finding red/yellow connections though, so I guess I’m mostly finding people from us and jp. I don’t like that you only search, and then get matched up. I want to see their connection beforehand, and you should be able to create etc… I don’t get why they take step backwards from sf4.

But this is supposedly a more user friendly system? Bah…

I find it weird that people can’t get to ranked,but do fine on player matches because I have it the other way around. I can only connect to ranked,but not player matches o_O

And as of last night, my problem is gone. O_o
I could easily invite and accept invites online. Must’ve been a glitch or bug or something.
This game is very strange…